2023 Dubbed “Year of the Rebound” for Fleet Technologies

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The latest Fleet Technology Index report shows increased market readiness for key, emerging fleet technologies. Photo Adobe Stock

The outlook for the adoption of core and emerging technologies in fleets is bright in 2023 with commercial vehicle and fleet decision-makers—with Escalent dubbing it “The Year of the Rebound”.

Its latest Fleet Technology Index (FTI) report shows an increase of 27% in the perceived value of, and market readiness for, eight key fleet technologies.

As companies rebound from survival mode to growth mode, they are eager to pick up the pace. More than half of companies reported they are gathering information or conducting a cost analysis.

Key findings and FTI scores within the report show the spiking and stalling of technologies:

  • Core technologies: The FTI score for data analytics, telematics, battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and autonomous vehicles (AVs) has climbed by 33% since 2020.
  • AV technology: 46% of decision-makers said they still need to see full autonomous vehicle technology proven in real-world settings to earn their trust.
  • Artificial Intelligence: AI’s index score increased by 24% since 2020—placing the technology ahead of AVs. The business intention to invest in AI has risen by 39% in the past 12 months.

To learn more about Escalent’s study, visit Escalent’s Fleet Advisory Hub.