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New module characterizes vehicle stops and identifies parking patterns for improved efficiency. Photo Getty Images

Geotab Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), a Geotab business unit providing governments with actionable, real-world insights to improve their transportation networks, today announced the launch of Stop Analytics, a powerful data analytics module that offers aggregate commercial vehicle parking insights.

Stop Analytics is designed to help Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), Departments of Transportation (DOTs), Grid Operators, Real Estate Developers and Academic Institutions make informed parking management decisions, create safer truck stops and roadways, improve the movement of goods and services, develop more efficient curbside management programs, strategically identify new real estate sites and pinpoint where to place electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

The new module is available on Altitude, a transportation analytics platform focused on aggregating data transparently and consistently to offer the most accurate custom reporting and benchmarking. Accessible on the Altitude platform, Stop Analytics offers flexible geographic aggregation that provides contextual information like vehicle class, vocation, industry and fuel types to help customers gain a clear understanding of what types of vehicles are parking in various locations, when they are parking and for how long, to help support parking infrastructure improvements and planning.

Stop Analytics unlocks key insights and enables customers to better understand vehicle stop characteristics and parking trends to help identify where heavy-duty truck (HDT) parking is required to help improve safety for drivers. Parking data can also help customers understand the impacts of curbside usage and regional supply chains to create efficient loading and unloading zones. In addition, Stop Analytics can be used to inform electrification infrastructure planning by providing insights into commercial vehicle activity along highway corridors and indicating which areas of the grid are most likely to experience electrification.

“We’re excited to offer our customers Stop Analytics, which provides valuable insights into aggregate commercial vehicle parking activity and patterns,” said Nate Veeh, Senior Business Development Manager, at Geotab Intelligent Transportation Systems. “With access to this powerful module, customers can make data-driven decisions for their road networks that prioritize the safety of drivers while optimizing infrastructure decisions like corridor electrification and improving curbside management.”

Stop Analytics is the latest module available on the Geotab ITS Altitude platform, providing valuable insights for commercial vehicle parking management. For more information on Stop Analytics and the Geotab Altitude platform, visit its.geotab.com/altitude/stop-analytics.


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