CerebrumX & Toyota Team Up to Reduce Fleet Management Costs

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Connected fleet operations can be safer and cost-effective. Photo Toyota

CerebrumX Labs, an AI-driven automotive data services & management platform, announced its partnership with Toyota to provide valuable real-time insights aimed at making connected fleet operations safer and cost-effective.

The partnership is focused on reducing the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for fleets by utilizing embedded telematics data from participating Toyota vehicles to promote data-driven decision-making and upgraded performance.

With the potential access to millions of vehicles and owner consented trips data, CerebrumX is currently working with fleet service providers across North America. The Augmented Deep Learning Platform (ADLP) collects and analyzes embedded data directly from participating Toyota-connected vehicles to give its fleet manager customers visibility into real-time streaming telematics, vehicle health data, collisions, service warnings, driver behavior and performance. ADLP further integrates this data with contextual information, such as weather, maps and traffic flow, to augment fleet managers’ capabilities with customized analytics and business-driven insights.

“Connected vehicle data with its richer data sets is the key to digitizing commercial fleet operations, and minimize total ownership costs for fleet managers,” said Sandip Ranjhan, Chief Executive Officer at CerebrumX. “We are excited to work alongside Toyota to extract value from this data for participating fleet manager customers to solve fleet-facing challenges without the need for external hardware or upfront costs.”

The power of connected vehicle data

By leveraging the power of connected vehicle data, CerebrumX smart fleet management solution enables participating fleet managers to expand their vehicle portfolio to their Toyota connected vehicles and enjoy a myriad of benefits. Data allows easy identification of vehicle needs, optimal scheduling of maintenance appointments, management of fuel consumption, analysis of crash data, prevention of breakdowns, and more. While these insights bring down fleet costs significantly, it also directly impacts driver safety and overall productivity, enabling participating fleet managers to control real-time updates and reduce downtime to achieve lower cost of ownership.

“We are pleased to team up with CerebrumX to continue to deliver Toyota fleet customers high impact value,” said Josh Batie, General Manager of Digital Mobility and Software First Connected Technologies, Toyota Motor North America. “By leveraging connected vehicle data, we’re helping provide our partners with the actionable insights needed to achieve a safer and more efficient fleet.”


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