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Bill Schankel, CAE, serves as Chief Executive Officer for NAFA Fleet Management Association. You can reach him at [email protected] Photo NAFA

Adding value to one of NAFA’s staple programs.

One of NAFA’s most popular initiatives is the Certified Automotive Fleet Manager (CAFM) program. It’s been a staple of our association since the 1980s, but as the industry evolves, NAFA continues to look at new ways to bring added value to our members. And among the significant changes happening at NAFA are updates to the CAFM program.

We recently established a Certification Commission which will consist of a group of NAFA members and volunteers who’ve been involved with the CAFM program. This commission will essentially serve as a governance body for NAFA fleet manager certification, with the objective of not only maintaining and updating standards of excellence for fleet professionals but also moving to build a program that models all the best practices of a modern professional certification program.

Building upon a strong foundation

CAFM has long been considered one of NAFA’s most robust programs and our goal is to take it to the next level by enhancing it and getting more people involved. A major appeal of the program has been its flexible approach to learning whereby applications can take all eight modules; or choose individual professional modules to earn a certificate in a specific fleet discipline. Enhancements we’ve introduced, include the ability to conduct testing online instead of having to physically go to a test centre, as well as increasing the number of resources and the amount of support available for CAFM.

We have established cohort groups and CAFM office hours where those currently enrolled in the program can ask questions and seek assistance from experienced CAFMs who have already gone through it and have achieved certified status. The whole concept behind it is to make the learning experience smoother and more efficient for enrollees.

Additionally, we have been working on initiatives to further recognize individuals that have gone through the CAFM program, including the creation of a CAFM lounge where those that have achieved certification can get together, network and share experiences as well as provide recognition opportunities on our internal website.

More resources

For those fleet organizations that want to have several of their members go through the CAFM program, we’ve also created cohort groups and study sessions, as well as provided opportunities and resources for those organizations that use CAFM as a way to recognize and promote individuals within their business. The more resources we can provide, the better the result for those organizations and individuals.

With NAFA’s new regional structure format underway, we are also taking the opportunity to introduce CAFM preparation sessions within the individual regions. These are designed to help people that are in the program by encouraging them to ask questions, study together and assist each other in different areas. Plus; we will also be adding individual professional certificates within the regions giving those that are interested in the CAFM program a chance to sample it and focus on the aspects they are interested in. There’s also the need to continue building on the programs we have in place, including the ability for those managers that are already certified to ensure they can obtain recertification credits and stay current. We’ve also added enhancements through different learning tracks, such as sustainability and leadership practices, which go above and beyond what we’ve seen in the traditional CAFM program.

It’s a very exciting time for us here at NAFA and as we enter the fall season and ramp up our initiatives, it’s also a great opportunity for those considering CAFM to get in touch so we can help them get enrolled, successfully complete the program and elevate their skills and reputation within the industry.


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