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Fleet managers can improve productivity, and safety by streamlining their maintenance processes.

The fleet sector faces a potential maintenance crisis. In recent years, regularly upgrading fleets with new vehicles has taken priority over the long-term operation of existing vehicles—a situation that now threatens to reduce productivity and increase costs.

The problem has been uncovered by the demand and ongoing global chip shortage—Canada saw its lowest levels of new vehicle production since 1967[i]. Most commercial vehicles are replaced in relatively short order; in fact, two-thirds of fleet vehicles are kept less than three years[ii] (with only 7% kept longer than five years).

Now, fleet managers find themselves needing to get more out of their vehicles for longer. Effective maintenance is critical, but do fleets have the right tools and processes in place to deliver this?

The maintenance challenge facing fleet managers

The increased focus on maintenance is a particular challenge, even more so for small and medium fleets. With fewer vehicles to draw on, any downtime can have an outsized impact on productivity. And, if the remaining vehicles cover the extra kilometres that’s yet more wear and tear to take care of.

Also, managing maintenance across fleets can often be complex and time-consuming. Rather than focusing on their core business, fleet managers are regularly tied up in trying to keep track of maintenance needs and schedules.

Ultimately, this leads to inefficient maintenance processes that hinder productivity while making it harder to keep drivers safe when out on the road.

Driving efficient maintenance with digital solutions

New and innovative digital technologies can take the pain out of managing maintenance. However, digital tools are often mistakenly thought of as too complex, or out of reach for smaller fleets working within tighter budgets. Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub is an accessible tool that challenges these expectations, with the ability to take the stress out of managing fleets of all sizes.

Built around a comprehensive desktop or mobile dashboard, this platform streamlines the maintenance process to improve fleet management in three critical ways:

1. Maintain driver safety

Keeping drivers safe—making sure vehicles don’t break down in the middle of nowhere is a top priority. Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub helps managers keep their vehicles in prime condition by staying on top of a fleet’s maintenance needs, tracking hours, plus accessing individual vehicle maintenance reports.

Maintenance reminders based on OEM requirements also take the complexity out of scheduling maintenance across a fleet. And, when servicing is needed, the platform gives managers access to advice from Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) certified technicians.

2. Improve fleet productivity

Tracking maintenance information when data is held across different sources is an unnecessary challenge for fleet managers to face. That’s why Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub holds the fleet’s data in one place. Not only does this give managers peace of mind that they haven’t missed anything, but it also helps them to work more productively.

Using the online dashboard, fleet managers can schedule and approve maintenance for each vehicle via mobile or their desktop. This means no more downtime while waiting for repairs to go ahead. Plus, as an optional, complimentary service, the platform can be integrated with Shell Telematics, giving fleet managers enhanced insights into vehicle status and driver behavior to help them make quicker decisions and cut down on wasted time.

3. Reduce operating costs

The Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub helps improve fleet utilization and reduce downtime—keeping vehicles running at peak performance. It also reduces the time spent on admin, freeing up fleet managers to focus on their core business.

With all fleet data in one place, Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub gives managers access to reliable metrics that help them to analyze and manage their maintenance spending. Also, having access to a network of more than 1,000 maintenance partners across Canada at discounted rates helps fleets reduce their overall costs.

The future of fleet maintenance is designed for everyone

Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub illustrates that innovative digital solutions are designed with every size of fleet in mind. The Hub’s comprehensive maintenance options can be tailored to small, medium, or large operations, removing the complexity and stress of keeping your vehicles running smoothly and safely.

With the right digital solutions in place, managers can improve the productivity of their fleets while reducing the costs of not just the maintenance itself, but the impact unplanned downtime has on their operations.

Find out more about how Shell Fleet Maintenance Hub can help you develop the fleet of the future by visiting us at shell.ca/maintenancehub.

[i] The Canadian Press, “Canadian Auto Production Hit Lowest Level since 1967 Last Year amid Chip Shortage – National”, Global News (Global News, January 26, 2022).
[ii]Future of Fleet – Free Report”, Shell United Kingdom, accessed February 2, 2022.

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