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Transportation companies need seamless communications, secure transactions, and digital interactions. PHOTO Josiah Farrow / Unsplash

Pushfor Investments and its wholly-owned subsidiary AFX Networks announced the engagement of Northern Block.

Northern Block is an Ontario-based technology provider enabling global organizations to build digital trust. Pushfor is a technology company producing cutting-edge solutions in Canada and the United States in various sectors, including logistics and AI learning.

This technology integration brings Pushfor’s latest advances in blockchain, smart contracts, and digital identification to the AFX logistics platform providing unparalleled security and data integrity for drivers and shippers.

The AFX logistics platform integration to NBI’s NB Orbits Solution provides next-generation dedicated Blockchain applications. AFX is designed to remove the risk and streamline key ‘pain points’ of the North American trucking industry by eliminating data redundancy, allowing immediate payment settlements, mitigating fraud, supporting digital identification, and providing end-to-end supply chain visibility.

The trucking industry is the dominant freight model for hauling goods within North America and is essential for a growing global economy. Independent Truckers and Logistic companies need to advance their toolset to integrate with large vendors and vendor-specific platforms to process their transactions.

Individual Owner/Operators, Third-Party and Transportation companies are excellent problem solvers; with many of these independent operators and companies operating with 20 or fewer trucks. They simply do not have the capital or means to develop platforms that can provide seamless communications, secure transactions, and digital interactions with the numerous trucking companies across the continent.


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