ARI Introductes Updates to ARI Insights and Mobile App

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ARI announced enhancements for its propriety fleet management system, ARI insights. PHOTO Shutterstock

ARI, a fleet services provider specializing in complex car and truck fleets, announced a series of enhancements for its propriety fleet management system, ARI insights, which will transform the user experience for all fleet stakeholders.

This ongoing evolution of the company’s various technology platforms, including the complimentary mobile app ARI Driver insights, simplifies many common fleet management tasks and delivers comprehensive analytics that drives meaningful improvements for ARI’s customers and their businesses.

“ARI is – and always will be – a customer-centric organization. Providing an engaging experience for our clients across the globe is our organization’s top priority and we remain focused on continuously enhancing the value we deliver,” said Bob White, president, Holman Fleet & Mobility.

The extensive roadmap of enhancements for ARI insights includes a series of updates designed to make the robust platform as intuitive and as powerful as possible.

Among the highlights is an all-new, user-friendly interface specifically tailored to the needs of today’s fleet professionals.

Additionally, new dashboards transform vehicle data into actionable insight and a variety of innovative action pages feature one-click transaction functionality for efficiency.

The updates also lay the foundation for increased data integration with many of today’s leading entreprise management platforms and will allow ARI insights to easily adapt alongside the constantly evolving landscape of fleet and mobility.

“The voice of our customers continues to be the catalyst for our ongoing evolution. Nearly the entire scope of enhancements to ARI insights and the ARI Driver insights mobile app is a direct reflection of the feedback we’ve received,” said White.

“The underlying principle of our ARI insights platform is to put all of ARI’s resources at our customers’ fingertips and provide an intuitive experience for all users – from C-suite executives to drivers on the frontlines – while offering a variety of self-serve tools and comprehensive analytics to streamline the management of their fleet.”

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