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Sasha Arasteh shell fleet solutions
Sasha Arasteh, Mobility Services Manager for Shell Fleet Solutions, North America says driving carbon neutral is really quite easy. PHOTO Shell Canada

Shell Fleet Solutions is helping fleets move towards a more sustainable future.

In the fleet world, Shell has traditionally been known as a fuel supplier, and Shell Fleet Solutions has been known as a partner in fuel management. Shell is evolving and aims to be a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050, in step with society and its customers.

“We understand the many challenges facing today’s fleets on the road to a lower carbon future,” explains Sasha Arasteh, Mobility Services Manager, Shell Fleet Solutions, North America.

Fleet managers face continued public and regulatory pressure to reduce fuel consumption, emissions and congestion and contribute to a range of other business and societal goals.

“To effectively support ever-evolving fleet management needs, we’re taking a three-pronged approach: Shell has fleet solutions that can help your company to identify ways you can avoid emissions, highlight opportunities where emissions can be reduced, and offer an effective way to compensate for unavoidable emissions.”

Offering alternative fuels

As the world shifts from traditional internal combustion engines to alternative low carbon energy and mobility solutions, Shell’s net-zero emission plan includes alternative fuels, like hydrogen.

“In Canada, we have two locations in Vancouver that are offering hydrogen refuelling,” Arasteh explains.

Modern fleet companies are changing. Some are gradually moving towards electric or hybrid vehicles, while others have made the switch entirely and they need reliable chargers at their base or employee homes as well as easy access to a wide range of charging options while on the go.

Shell is working to meet the charging needs of electric vehicle drivers—at home, at work or on the road—with an expanding EV charging network.

Gaining insights through Shell Telematics

Shell Telematics is a product within the Shell Fleet Solutions portfolio that can help customers reduce carbon emissions.

By combining Shell Fleet card and vehicle data, Shell’s end-to-end telematics solution makes it simple to do everything from choosing fuel-efficient routes to monitoring driver behaviour to spotting fuel fraud.

Through Shell Telematics, you can track the location and movement of all vehicles with a satellite map view, Google Street View and near- or real-time traffic information.

“When drivers are able to choose fuel-efficient routes and assign jobs more effectively, not only does this provide the benefit of optimizing delivery times, but it also helps to cut back on unnecessary fuel emissions,” says Arasteh.

Shell Telematics also provides valuable information on driver performance. “By tracking poor driver behaviour such as idling, speeding and harsh braking, fleet managers can correct behaviour to help keep drivers safe and reduce accidents, while also reducing costs and associated emissions.”*

With Shell Telematics, you can also get timely maintenance reminders and fuel-efficiency reports, you can set up geofencing and get alerts, and you can get reports detailing all journeys by the driver to enable business/private mileage claims.

“It’s all managed through a user-friendly portal, and you can choose the package of features that will work best for your business,” explains Arasteh.

“Ultimately, Shell Telematics gives fleet managers the insight needed to get the best out of your fleet and also make more sustainable choices.”

Offsetting emissions with nature-based solutions

Shell Fleet Solutions also realizes that sometimes, emissions are unavoidable, and that’s where Shell’s new carbon offsetting program can help. Shell Fleet card customers can compensate for the emissions of their fleet through the Drive Carbon Neutral program.

“Participating in driving carbon neutral is a simple process,” explains Arasteh.

Once you opt-in, each time your drivers refuel at Shell locations (excluding Shell Flying J sites) using the Shell Fleet Navigator or Shell Fleet Plus card, the equivalent amount of carbon credits will be purchased to offset these emissions through Shell’s global portfolio of nature-based solutions projects.

“Plus, you don’t have to change the way you work,” says Arasteh.

Shell Fleet Solutions tracks your fleet’s overall fuel consumption and automatically calculates the associated lifecycle emissions and compensates for them through the purchase of carbon credits from a global portfolio of nature-based projects.

The charges are applied directly to your account, and Shell will issue a yearly verified carbon reduction certificate confirming that the fuel has been offset.

In addition to addressing your fleet’s environmental impact, carbon offsetting also has a number of clear business benefits.

“For example, you will be demonstrating corporate leadership, championing sustainable business practices, pursuing your carbon emissions commitment and also meeting the increasing demand for positive action on the environment from employees and external stakeholders,” explains Arasteh.

Partnering with Shell Fleet Solutions

Partnering with Shell Fleet Solutions also provides you with a number of other benefits.

“With over 1,350 Shell and Shell Flying J locations across Canada, our fuel network is one of the broadest in the country,” says Arasteh.

Shell’s online store locator and app make it easy for your drivers to find a nearby location, whenever they need it.

“But it’s important to keep in mind that the Shell Fleet Navigator and Shell Fleet Plus cards are more than just a means to purchase fuel, says Arasteh.

“Fleets have the ability to access all the information related to each card, and the transactions, in a handy online portal, so they can access the information 24/7. They can personalize and customize each card, setting card limits not only on the amount of purchase, but which purchases are allowed, when, and where.”

Shell’s online portal allows fleet managers to drill down to get the information necessary to manage their fuel spend with accuracy.

“They can get precise data down to the transaction level,” Arasteh says, “reducing the risk of misuse or suspected fraud with our chip and pin technology, along with driver IDs, and the variety of purchase controls we offer customers.”

Plus, by partnering with Shell Fleet Solutions, you receive fuel, car wash and maintenance discounts.

Far from simply being a fuel vendor, Shell is taking a leadership position in helping fleets better manage their businesses today, while working towards a more sustainable future tomorrow.

To learn more about how Shell Fleet Solutions can help your fleet get where it needs to go, please visit shell.ca/fleetsolutions.


*Source: Benefits After Effective Deployment of Fleet Management System. Frost & Sullivan. 2015. Actual emissions reduction will vary depending upon vehicle type and existing driving behaviours, including idling times, speeding, etc. versus improvements.

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