Hunter to Preview Their Unmanned HD Inspection System

Hunter estimates the system will be available for order in the Spring of 2021. Photo: Hunter Engineering

Hunter announces its unmanned alignment and tire tread inspection system, Quick Check Drive and Quick Tread Edge will soon be available for heavy-duty service facilities.

With Hunter’s new heavy-duty inspection system, service providers will discover critical safety, tire and fuel-saving opportunities. The system supports multi-trailer configurations, dual axles and super single tires. Hunter is the first globally to introduce a touchless heavy-duty alignment inspection solution for measuring camber, total toe and tandem axle scrub.

The heavy-duty inspection system can cycle trucks continuously, eliminating the need for stopping or labour. Once a truck has passed through, alignment and tire tread results can be automatically displayed through Flightboard.

Flightboard is a digital display board that allows customers to quickly see results first-hand. Shops without digital display capabilities can present inspection information from any PC or tablet with an internet connection.


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