Worksport & Atlis Motor Vehicles Form Partnership

The solar panels on the back of the pick-up would be able to charge batteries in the back. Photo: Worksport

Worksport has entered into an agreement with Atlis Motor Vehicles aimed at configuring the TerraVis solar charging system as an OE accessory for the Atlis XT electric pickup truck.

Atlis and Worksport will begin working together immediately to integrate their engineering and design departments. They will uniquely configure the TerraVis’ Solar Truck Bed Power System to provide the Atlis XT Truck with a meaningful source of recharge power from its integrated Solar Panels.

This is the second recent agreement that Worksport has struck with a U.S. based EV Truck manufacturer to become its OEM partner and create a customized TerraVis’ solar panel tonneau cover for the company’s forthcoming all-electric pick-up truck.

The Atlis XT truck comprises many market-leading features including 15 minutes charge time, around 800 km range, and 15 875 kg towing capacity with an estimated 450 000 km working life.

“This new collaboration agreement with a market-leading manufacturer continues to prove out our business model and demonstrate our bright future and large upside,” said Worksport CEO Steven Rossi. “It follows closely on our previous announcement to be the OEM partner for a customized solar truck bed power system.”

Worksport recently made the first public disclosure of details about TerraVis, a folding truck bed tonneau cover system to be a fusion of solar power, storage, and delivery. The platform takes advantage of a standard pick-up truck’s practical capabilities, while also utilizing the power of more sustainable and renewable energy. Proprietary, high efficiency solar panels built into the rugged tonneau cover will collect the sun’s rays and store energy in multiple battery banks.

“TerraVis’ Solar Truck Bed Power System introduction not only has rewarded the hard work in developing a technological breakthrough, but it is also transforming the company’s future almost immediately,” Rossi said. “It is a real and meaningful game-changer. However, we wish to assure customers and investors that Worksport will continue to focus on growth as the lead innovator and manufacturer in the Global Automotive Market for tonneau covers for electric and conventional light trucks.”


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