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Michael Kopke of Kia, presenting the new Sorento 2024 at the Montreal Auto Show.
Bertrand Godin, spokesman for the Montreal Auto Show, detailed its many activities.
Show president Martin Taillandier is delighted that some manufacturers are returning to the event.
Sébastien Alajarin, from iA Groupe financier, explained the importance of this event for the industry and consumers.
Groupe Olivier dealership presented its various Shelby versions of Ford vehicles.
An area is reserved for high-performance vehicles.
At Mitsubishi, Dan Dakin is looking forward to exceptional sales in 2023, including the Outlander PHEV.
Steve Rhind highlighted Infiniti's return to the Montreal Show.
Fans will be happy to know that Volkswagen is back at the Montreal Auto Show.
One level of the show is dedicated to leisure vehicles.
31 exotic vehicles from Luc Poirier's collection are well worth a visit.
The Hyundai Sante Fe is now available as a hybrid.
The high-performance Ioniq 5N 2025 announces its arrival on the market.
The Nissan Rogue 2024 will soon be available here.
The limited-edition Nissan Z Nismo will also soon be available in Quebec.
Cadillac's elegant CT5.
Cadillac's Escalade IQ luxury all-electric SUV.
The impressive Lexus GX 550
Tesla's Cybertruck is an angular enigma.
Whatever the angle, the enigma persists.
Not all muscle cars have disappeared, as shown by Ford's Mustang 2024.
Ford's Super Duty vans recently celebrated their 75th anniversary.
Why not give in to this McLaren Artura hybrid version?
Toyota's Patrick Ryan talked about the Japanese manufacturer's new products.
Chevrolet's 100% electric Blazer should carve out a place for itself on the market.
Chevrolet's 100% electric Blazer should carve out a place for itself on the market.
Toyota's Camry 2025 has been given a facelift.
The Salon de l'auto is also an opportunity to thrill to the passion of the automobile.
VinFast presented this pocket-sized version of an electric SUV.
The same Vietnamese manufacturer presented its prototype electric van.
Photos Michel Beaunoyer

The 29th edition of the Montreal Auto Show takes place on three levels at the Palais des Congrès, until January 28.

This edition marks the return of some manufacturers who had abandoned the formula, as well as the presentation of a number of new products for the first time. The fact that the Show is back on three floors is explained by the addition of a vast section devoted to leisure vehicles, including motorcycles, ATVs and even boats.

Returning to the subject of automobiles, Martin Taillandier, President of the Show, in his opening remarks on the morning of January 18, when journalists were given a sneak preview of the show floor, said that this event illustrated the great energy shift that is currently redefining our means of transportation.

This show allows innovation to meet passion,” said Mr. Taillandier. “Obviously, automakers are showcasing their latest technologies, but it goes without saying that they will also be able to guide consumers in their choice of an electric or hybrid vehicle, especially as this offering has clearly improved.”

For his part, Sébastien Alajarin, Vice-President for Quebec at iA Financial Group, official presenter of the Montreal Auto Show, as well as that of Quebec City, was keen to emphasize the importance of these events not only for the industry, but also for consumers, who can compare and obtain more information on the models that interest them.

“It’s clear, when you consider that this show attracted 150,000 visitors last year, that people want to see new vehicle offerings up close.”

While noting the presence this year of a section dedicated to motorsports and performance, Show spokesman Bertrand Godin emphasized the great popularity of electric vehicle road tests, which, organized by CAA-Quebec, will take place on an urban course.

Collector cars

To keep visitors dreaming, collections of prestigious and exotic cars occupied large areas of the Show. Groupe de concessionnaires Olivier showcased various Shelby models, while collector Luc Poirier displayed 31 of his collector cars, mainly Ferraris, under close surveillance.

What’s new?

For some manufacturers, the 2024 version of the Montreal Auto Show marked a comeback. For Volkswagen, this return featured the all-electric ID.4.

While Mitsubishi didn’t present any new products at its booth, Dan Dakin of Public Relations pointed out that the success of the Outlander PHEV, among others, had pushed sales to new heights in 2023.

Infiniti also marked its return to the Show, presenting models not previously seen here. These included the QX 55, QX 60 and QX 50 Sport. On site, Steve Rhind, General Manager of Infiniti Canada, explained that the Qe concept, an all-electric sedan, will soon be presented in Toronto, while the first deliveries of the QX 90 should take place this summer.

For its part, Vietnamese manufacturer VinFast, whose first electric vehicles are now arriving on our market, presented two new products in the form of the scaled-down VF3 SUV and the VF Wild pickup prototype. Both are fully electric. Orders for the VF3 will open in 2024, while the automaker has given no details on the commercialization of its electric van, which our readers were able to discover during our recent visit to CES in Las Vegas.

Korean carmaker Hyundai took advantage of the journalists’ presence to unveil the dynamic Ioniq 5 N in a high-performance version with electric power equivalent to 641 hp. It should arrive in Hyundai dealerships this spring.

The other interesting news is the new, redesigned version of the Santa Fe. Consumers will be able to opt for either a combustion engine or a hybrid version.

Staying with conventionally-powered vehicles, Nissan is introducing the new Rogue and the sporty Z Nismo 2024, both of which are scheduled to hit our market this spring.

Kia’s Michael Kopke marked the Korean manufacturer’s 25th year in Canada with the unveiling of the 2024 Sorento. On sale in the coming months, this new version of a vehicle that has made its mark here since 2002, has been completely redesigned and features a host of safety equipment. It’s also interesting to note that it’s available with a gasoline engine, as well as in hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions.

Also on display at the Kia Motors booth was the EV9 2024, the first three-row, 100% electric SUV.

A sign of the times, Cadillac, which has historically built its reputation on marketing true living rooms on wheels powered by large-displacement engines, offered a resolutely electric face at the show. For the first time in Quebec, the impressive Escalade IQ SUV was on display.

In more reasonable dimensions with a conventional engine, the American manufacturer also offered the CTS 2025, presented in 2023 and, to confuse our readers, scheduled for delivery in 2024.

Show visitors could get a closer look at the Super Duty from Ford’s F-Series pickup family, tested by our journalist Mathieu Valiquette last fall. The new version of the Mustang 2024 was also on show, competing with its electric version, whose popularity is unquestionable.

Also from the U.S., visitors to the Chevrolet booth could find a revised version of the Traverse 2024 crossover, now equipped with a turbocharged engine. The electric side of the business was not left out, with the very interesting EV versions of the Equinox and Blazer on display. Two models with interesting dimensions that will be offered at an affordable price.

Toyota focused on a sure bet, presenting the 2025 version of the Camry, completely modernized and equipped with a hybrid engine. The soon-to-be-released Tacoma 2024 mid-size pickup is also available with a hybrid engine.

In Toyota’s more luxurious family, Lexus presented the Quebec premiere of the latest version of the GX 550 2024. This SUV offers extreme comfort even off the beaten track.

At the same time, it was possible to see in person a modern legend whose deliveries have only just begun: Tesla’s Cybertruck. An angular enigma, this surprising vehicle is touted by its manufacturer as the world’s strongest pickup.

And also, on another dream level, we could also consider the purchase of the hybrid version of the McLaren Artura 2023, at just under $300,000.

While a good number of automakers still shun Canadian auto shows, those who made their presence felt at the Montreal show had some interesting models to offer. And the good news for consumers is that deliveries seem to have largely returned to their pre-pandemic cruising speed, further reducing waiting times.



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