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Images of futuristic cars created by artificial intelligence with Midjourney for MIAS 2024. Photo MIAS

The management of the Montreal Auto Show announced in a press release on November 10 that they will be showcasing artificial intelligence at the 2024 edition of the event, to be held from January 19 to 28 at the Palais des Congrès.

Artificial intelligence has been making a lot of noise in the automotive world over the last few years, and rightly so! With automatic driving, voice recognition and hyper-personalization of vehicles, AI is rapidly penetrating all areas of the automotive industry.

To get in on the action, the 2024 edition of the Montreal International Auto Show (MIAS) is focusing on AI and other new automotive technologies. What’s more, the event’s creative agency, Récréation, used Midjourney, an AI-powered image creation program, to create the graphic concept for the next MIAS.

“Guessing the future of the automobile is a rather arduous task, so we turned this challenge into inspiration for the aesthetics of this edition,” explains Antoine Goulet, Artistic Director at Récréation. “The Show’s team jumped at the chance to explore this new genre, which allowed us to push the creative concept even further.”

To create the images and advertisements associated with MIAS 2024, the Agence Récréation has created a multitude of futuristic concept cars. Most of them have a chrome finish, wheels in neon colours and curves reminiscent of the Batmobile.

“It’s in the DNA of our event to be resolutely forward-looking,” says Luis Pereira, Executive Director of the Montreal International Auto Show. “We strive to bring together all the technological advances of the automotive industry under one roof for the enjoyment of enthusiasts.”

Why use AI so much now?

Artificial intelligence is driving major changes in the automotive sector, revolutionizing autonomous driving, production methods, customer service and vehicle safety. So it’s no great surprise to see MIAS adopting the technology as the headliner for the next edition of the event.

In practical terms, AI optimizes infotainment and connectivity technologies for cars. The technology allows drivers to interact with their vehicles in a much more direct and natural way, thanks to voice recognition. For example, the buttons used to change the temperature in the passenger compartment of vehicles could eventually be replaced by voice commands.

The space saved in the passenger compartment and on the dashboard thanks to AI could make way for unusual new options.

AI algorithms are also able to examine driver preferences and behaviour to offer personalized recommendations and anticipate driver needs, creating a more user-friendly, intuitive and personalized driving experience.

AI could be the solution to one of the biggest problems facing electric vehicles: their lack of personality. As a matter of fact, driving electric vehicles is very similar from one model to another, and AI could help to personalize the experience for each driver and each vehicle.

The Montreal International Auto Show will combine electric and petrol cars to suit all tastes.



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