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Front of the Lamborghini Montréal dealership in Kirkland. Photo Automobile Lamborghini

Lamborghini celebrated its 60th anniversary at its magnificent dealership in Montreal.

Reopened after renovation work, its exhibition room was also inaugurated. It is now the largest of its kind in the world, housing 52 vehicles.

Lamborghini Montréal invited the media and almost 500 guests to the show on September 13. In the presence of Andrea Baldi, President of Lamborghini North America, the brand new Revuelto was unveiled for the occasion: 1001 horsepower, combining a V12 located at the rear and three electric motors, a 0 to 100 km/h announced in 2.5 seconds. Historic models were also on display outside, including a Countach and a Diablo.

A few weeks later, General Manager Pasquale Scotti opened the doors of the dealership at 16710 Trans-Canada Highway in Kirkland.

Pasquale Scotti, General Manager of Lamborghini Montreal, and Andrea Baldi, President of Lamborghini North America. Photo Lilian Largier
Unveiling of the Revuelto, the new 1001 CV hybrid. Photo Lilian Largier
The Scotti family cuts the ribbon for the reopening of the renovated Montreal dealership, with (right) Andrea Baldi, President of Lamborghini North America. Photo Lilian Largier

A family history going back 45 years

Lamborghini Montréal was founded in 1979 by Pasquale’s father, John, originally from Naples, Italy. “My father worked as a mechanic for American brands, but also did warranty work for Lamborghini, in a small workshop in the east end of Montreal. He started making a few sales a year,” says Mr Scotti.

He believes that the company still exists because it has been run “like a family, with the same teams for a very long time”. The father, sister and mother work there.

Established for many years in Saint-Léonard, the dealership moved to Kirkland at the end of 2014. Work was carried out at the West Island facility, and more recently with the expansion. “At 33,000 square feet, we’ve become the largest Lamborghini showroom in the world,” enthuses Pasquale Scotti.

Among the 40 employees in Kirkland, the parts department has a parts manager and a clerk, the marketing department has a manager, a coordinator and four people responsible for taking photos and videos, and the service department has a manager, a technical advisor and six technicians. All staff are required to take monthly online modules on a training platform developed by the parent company. On the day of our visit, two technicians were at the Lamborghini school in Boston. The in-house professional software is driven by Lamborghini.

Showroom at the Lamborghini Montréal dealership in Kirkland. Photo Automobile Lamborghini

The Lamborghini effect

As soon as you walk through the doors, the ‘wow’ effect is guaranteed when you see the cars lined up: Huracan, Urus truck, Aventador, limited series and competition cars. “Our customers have specific expectations. Everyone who comes into our store, whether they’re a buyer or not, needs to have an individual experience. From reception to the waiting room, everything is done to make them feel comfortable and appreciated. Croissant, coffee, bottle of water. Then we give them a full tour of the premises. But above all, top-of-the-range service is about passing on a passion.”

The vehicles are visible from the road through huge picture windows. “Often young people from nearby schools come to watch. We’re open to everyone, not just by appointment,” he insists.

Customisation and cutting-edge technology

Close to the entrance, an ‘ad persona’ studio gives access to colours, leathers, stitching, accessories and a boutique. “If someone has a chair in a colour they love in their home, they can give us a sample so that we can match the colour of the interior of their vehicle,” explains the Managing Director. A large screen displays the customisation options.

Lamborghini’s Unica mobile application is very advanced. Customers can do everything on their phone, such as book a service appointment, respond to a request or build their next car.

Once the vehicle has been ordered via the La Prima programme, the owner can visit the factory in Sant’Agata Bolognese in the province of Bologna and see the car ready before setting off.

Some customers prefer to come directly to the dealership, for example, to check the chosen colour. “To achieve this, we need a variety of colours and models in our showroom.”

SUVs and adapted cars for Quebec

Some owners use their Lamborghini all year round, with the four-wheel drive introduced on the Urus truck, present since 2018 and the most produced vehicle, and on certain models of the Huracan. The Revuelto will be fitted with them. The Sterrato version of the Huracan is a surprising off-roader.

Adjustable front suspension is an option on almost all vehicles ordered in Montreal. “To adapt to the roads and weather here, it’s not a good idea not to take it,” he advises.

Reasonable deadlines and electrification under way

If the car does not have advanced customisation, delivery times at Lamborghini are six to seven months. Otherwise, they can go up to a year.

The first hybrid models, the Revuelto, are due to arrive in Montreal in spring. The 100% electric Lanzador Concept is due to go on sale in 2028. Lamborghini Montréal has already planned everything to accommodate hybrid and electric models in its showroom and workshop.


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