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Ian Sam Yue Chi is President of the Quebec Automobile Dealers Corporation. Photo Michel Beaunoyer

As distributors of motor vehicles, Quebec dealers fully support the government’s objectives to green the vehicle fleet, hoping to be backed by winning conditions.

Many citizens are making efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. Change in consumer habits, desire to use public transport or less polluting means of transport. But hoping to halve the number of cars in Quebec by 2050 is a slippery slope towards utopia. Given the density of our population and our specific territorial characteristics, the solution in Quebec necessarily involves a transition to zero-emission vehicles. So it’s vital to maintain our focus on this solution.

Since 2019, the Corporation and its industry partners have been working on the objective of supporting the green shift in transport in Quebec, in particular by doing everything possible to position itself for the goal of all-electric vehicles by 2035. The Quebec government has already set 2030 as the target date for putting two million electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles on Quebec roads. This is an ambitious but achievable goal, provided the right conditions are in place.

Dealers have taken the lead, investing time and resources to bring their facilities up to standard, whether it’s specialised equipment for servicing these vehicles or the installation of shared charging points. Training for sales staff and technicians is also underway.

Leadership from Quebec

On the other hand, the government must ensure that it asserts its leadership in this shift. To counter fears about autonomy, Quebec must ensure the availability of accessible green electricity and speed up the programme to install public charging stations throughout the province. The proliferation of recharging points will also require vehicles with shorter ranges, which will reduce the demand for larger batteries, thereby lightening the supply chain.

Despite the attractive position of the Quebec market, the availability of electric vehicles remains an issue, as many communities around the world are also embracing this trend and drawing on the same pool of vehicles.

Maintaining incentives

Financial incentives for the purchase and long-term leasing of electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles must be maintained at least until their acquisition cost reaches parity with their petrol equivalent.

The public must remain motivated in the face of this major change. It must have the information and services it needs to acquire these new means of transport. This is a role that Quebec car dealerships are fully embracing.

Consumers also need to feel the government’s support. The government must continue to roll out charging stations in all regions of Quebec and maintain the financial incentives that encourage the adoption of EVs in an uncertain economic climate with high interest rates.



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