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Yanick Jomphe is a training consultant and CRM system implementation specialist. She holds a B.A.A., an M.B.A. and a Ph.D. Online and videoconference training available. [email protected]. Photo Yanick Jomphe

A revolutionary strategy.

Fall strategic planning! Synchronising the tire period is an intelligent and well-thought-out strategy. The service department will be welcoming active customers over a period of approximately 3 months for this very busy season. What do we need to put in place to synchronise all our activities? The logic is to integrate processes and deadlines to meet a very tight schedule, depending on the number of customers in the database. Are we able to calculate:

  1. The number of customers who have bought a new vehicle and have stored tires or tires (suitcase) or no tires. Separate customers by segment.
  2. The number of customers with tires in storage (in the service department, thus segmenting the database) and excluding, of course, customers who have bought a new vehicle.
  3. The number of customers who have installed their tires, but have not stored them or purchased vehicles from you.
  4. The number of lost customers who did not come back the other season (i.e. customers who came back for tires 12 months ago).

The big winners will be dealers, who will be able to target all their customers according to very specific criteria. The statistical results will be more precise and explanatory for each type of customer. What an opportunity to meet all our active customers before the festive period. Think retention and loyalty and opt for strategies that will keep the customer with you and ensure their next visit to the service. Anticipation is the key to success! That’s why most manufacturers require a service appointment. Sometimes it’s difficult to set up processes and ensure that all staff are working in this direction. In addition, there are solutions for increasing retention by offering a discount on the next visit, a loyalty card that can be used across all departments or other marketing tricks.

Your customers will be served up to you on a silver platter for the tire season! Customers need to have an outstanding, unique experience that meets their needs and expectations. The goal, the action and the means to achieve it, quite simply. Your customer service department becomes the main actor in this show and will make the most of your investment. We know that Disney offers a direct-to-consumer marketing strategy and is a forerunner in customer experience. The automotive industry also receives Disney training and participates in a number of customer experience conferences. Here are the 10 Disney customer experience secrets shared with the world (Emy Digital, 19 May 2019):

  1. Maintaining a strong culture
  2. Setting standards to create magic
  3. Defining a unique language
  4. Being obsessed with the basics
  5. Setting behavioural benchmarks
  6. Attention to detail to the point of obsession
  7. Creating immersive experiences
  8. Putting on a show
  9. Creating magical moments
  10. Coping with service contingencies

We can take some of these secrets and adapt them to the wonderful world of cars. A unique service to make the customer’s visit fantastic, so that they want to come back to our dealership. So easy, to greet them by name, offer them a coffee or a bottle of water, keep them up to date with developments for their vehicle, inform them when the vehicle is ready, make sure the customer is satisfied when they leave and many other added values. People make all the difference and never forget that today’s customer is your best advertising journalist.

Never complain about the difficult customer, because they’re the reason you’re making progress. Treat others even better: they are the reason for your profits.” Auguste Detoeuf, Artist, Writer, Essayist, Businessman, Industrialist 1883-1947).



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