Kia’s EV9 Electric SUV Brings Space, Comfort & Adventure to Every Journey

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The Kia EV9 Electric SUV. Photo Kia

From the very first sketch to the moment the first model rolls off the production line, the new Kia EV9 electric SUV has been created to deliver new standards of space, practicality, flexibility, comfort, and technology to meet the needs of millennial families.

Kia’s engineers and designers are passionate in their belief that the interior of a vehicle must be so much more than simply fit for purpose to transport occupants safely and efficiently from A to B. The cabin of a vehicle is, after all, where the driver and passengers spend their time and engage most closely with a vehicle.

That’s why Kia’s design philosophy Opposites United is dedicated to the creation of exceptional interiors to transcend conventional thinking and inspire customers. That means providing premium comfort, well-being and technology for all occupants, not just the driver, to elevate the in-vehicle user experience to new levels. And nowhere is this approach more elegantly and effectively expressed than inside the brand’s new flagship EV9 electric SUV.

The EV9’s unique mix of advanced assets and exceptional dimensions has created a vehicle with a truly family-friendly character that empowers the large SUV to transform every journey, whether it’s a short drive to the shops or a week-long vacation road trip, into an enjoyable and engaging experience.

Space innovation takes travelling to a new dimension

The EV9’s generous dimensions, remarkable spaciousness, sophisticated design, and high-quality trim enhance the sense of well-being of all occupants.

The Luxe living room on wheels concept delivers a quantum leap in seating configurations

Equipped with premium quality lounge-style seats, the EV9 opens up new levels of comfort, versatility and flexibility.

Work and play wherever the road takes you

With its exceptional spaciousness and stowage capacity, the EV9 is designed to enable families to take lots of equipment with them wherever they travel. It also enables them to power whatever gear they bring.

Alive with technology to enhance every journey

The EV9 provides an ultra-modern, zero-emission, yet thoroughly enjoyable driving experience by emphasizing the comfort, well-being, and experience of occupants in all three rows.

To read the full article, visit the Kia Global Media Center at kianewscenter.com.



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