Reuters Report: Using Data to Combat Misinformation

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Using data to build trust in reporting. Photo Reuters

Here’s your chance to download your copy of the Reuters Report: Using Data to Build Trust and Combat Misinformation in Reporting.

Inside the report, you can also expect to discover strategies including:

  • Why adding context is one of the most effective ways to use data to build trust
  • How using infographics, maps, and charts provides context and helps audiences understand complex issues
  • Putting neutrality into practice: awareness of how bias and tunnel vision can shape opinions and values.

Leaders share strategies on how data and trends can help cut through noise, how this work will feed into reporting, and how it affects the trust audiences have in their news consumption.

Transparency is key

With several narratives, buzz, and complicated information out there, audiences need to be able to consume news and media stories that are factual and reliable to avoid misinformation. It’s more than always usually the job of journalists to distil that information and communicate it in an accurate, compelling way that is understandable for audiences.