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2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS 580 4MATIC SUV. Photo Mercedes-Benz Canada

Mercedes-Benz Canada and its national dealer network announced 2022 year-end sales results.

In 2022, the company delivered sales of 34,316 passenger vehicles and vans, with 28,490 representing passenger cars and luxury light trucks. Compared to 2021, these totals represent a 5.3% decrease in overall sales and an 8.8% decrease in passenger car and luxury light truck sales.

2022: Year in Review

Mercedes-Benz Canada and its national dealer network team continued to work together throughout the year to manage external challenges and continue to deliver the very best customer experience. Despite the ongoing global supply constraints, customer demand remained strong.

In 2022, SUVs continued to make up the majority of overall sales, with a total of 21,338 units retailed, compared to 7,152 passenger cars. This means that in 2022, SUVs accounted for 75% of Mercedes-Benz Canada sales, compared to 25% for passenger cars.

Standout sales performances were seen throughout the company’s remarkable SUV lineup, led by the versatile GLC SUV, which in 2022 was once again the top-selling Mercedes-Benz vehicle in Canada (8,661 units retailed in 2022, +25.8% compared to 2021).

Other volume leaders included the spacious and sophisticated GLE (6,582 coupe and SUV units retailed in 2022) and the premium GLS SUV. On the passenger car side, high volumes came from the A-Class sedan and hatch (2,016 units retailed, +17.0% compared to 2021), the C-Class (buoyed by sales of the all-new version released in summer 2022) and the sophisticated E-Class.

In 2022, Mercedes-Benz Canada’s Pre-Owned division delivered 13,580 total pre-owned units (-19.1% compared to 2021). Of those total sales 12,945 were certified pre-owned (CPO) units, for a 2022 CPO penetration rate of 95%.

In 2022, Mercedes-Benz Vans delivered an exceptional performance, led by a 33.3% increase in Sprinter sales compared to 2021. In total, the Vans team delivered 5,826 vehicles, for a 16.6% overall growth compared to 2021. The Vans unit expects a strong 2023 with continued healthy sales of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and the introduction of the highly anticipated, all-new eSprinter.

Q4 2022 Highlights

In Q4 2022, Mercedes-Benz Canada retailed 5,729 passenger cars and luxury light trucks (-15.9% compared to Q4 2021). This total included 4,508 SUVs, compared to 1,221 passenger cars.

The GLC SUV continued to resonate with Canadian consumers and led in overall Q4 2022 volume, with 1,839 units of the coupe and SUV models retailed (+33.0% compared to Q4 2021). Other strong performers included the GLE SUV and the GLB SUV.

On the passenger car side, the C-Class led in total volume, while the A-Class sedan and hatch combined for strong growth (+37.7% compared to Q4 2021).

In Q4 2022, Mercedes-Benz Canada’s Pre-Owned division delivered 3,102 total pre-owned units (-21.2% compared to Q4 2021). Of those total sales 2,992 were certified pre-owned (CPO) units, for a Q4 2022 CPO penetration rate of 96.5%.

Mercedes-Benz Vans Canada finished an outstanding 2022 by retailing 1,010 total units. In Q4 2022, the division retailed 896 Sprinter and 114 Metris vans, compared to a total of 1,209 in Q4 2021.

“2022 featured substantial progress across many exciting product and policy areas, from the launch of the Mercedes-EQ brand to our global agreement with the Canadian government to strengthen cooperation across the electric vehicle value chain,” said Andreas Tetzloff, CEO of Mercedes-Benz Canada.

“Customer demand for our highly desirable luxury vehicles remained strong across each of our brands and I’d like to thank our team, including our national dealer network, for their immense efforts to get our customers behind the wheel in the face of continued global supply chain turbulence. 2023 will still hold challenges, but we look forward to the next year and the progress we expect to make as we continue to evolve our product focus back to our top-end luxury roots.”

SALES Q4 Final YTD Totals
2022 2021 % 2022 2021 %
Mercedes-Benz Vehicles 5,729 6,809 -15.9 28,490 31,243 -8.8
Mercedes-Benz Vans 1,010 1,209 -16.5 5,826 4,997 +16.6
TOTAL 6,739 8,018 -16.0 34,316 36,240 -5.3


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