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Virtual retailing and contactless service is now an important part of the vehicle sales transaction process. PHOTO General Motors

A pandemic-induced measure becomes mainstream practice.

When the COVID-19 pandemic originally hit, many dealers found themselves adopting new approaches to retailing vehicles. With showrooms in many jurisdictions shut, contactless service became the norm.

From video calls, to online sales agreements and home delivery, the concept of being able to conduct an entire vehicle transaction in a virtual setting became reality. Today, as pandemic restrictions continue to ease, contactless service continues to be a key part of automotive retailing practices.

While some consumers are no doubt eager to get back to personal one-on-one consultations in dealer showrooms, others, either due to health concerns, or simply convenience, have and will continue to embrace contactless service.

For dealers, this represents a unique opportunity to tailor the sales experience to specific customers, employing a range of sophisticated tools to ensure a seamless and frictionless experience.

Combined with the current factory order environment, where dealers no longer have a surplus of inventory to choose from, contactless service will likely play a key role in both long term customer retention and profitability.

More details on this and other relevant topics impacting our industry today can be found in the upcoming webinar:

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Jake Stacey, Executive Vice President, Sales, LGM Financial Services. PHOTO LGM Financial Services



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