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According to a study by Money.uk, Hyundai was one of seven automotive brands that consumers frequently misspelled when conducting online searches. PHOTO teh_z1b / Shutterstock

Money.uk study reveals seven out of the top 20 are automotive brands.

When you’re doing an online search for a particular brand, the true spelling of the name can sometimes prove a bit of a challenge.

Recently, British website Money.uk used online analytics tool Ahrefs to determine which are the top consumer brands most often misspelled during Internet searches.

Out of the top 20 results, seven were automotive brands, three of them landing in the top three spots of most incorrect searches. The complete list is shown below.

Most Misspelled Brands on the Internet. PHOTO Money.co.uk

During its research, Money.uk determined that Hyundai, received on average, 605,000 incorrect global online searches per month. Common search variations for Hyundai include ‘Hundai’ (581,000 monthly searches) and ‘Hiundai’ (24,000 monthly searches).

In second place was esteemed Italian automotive brand Lamborghini, with an average of 365,000 inaccurate online searches a month. Those searching for Lamborghini, are typically misspelling it as ‘Lamborgini’ (351,000 monthly searches) and ‘Lambogini’ (14,000 monthly searches).

Another coveted automotive brand, Ferrari came in third place. The misspelled ‘Ferari’ is searched online an average 123,000 times a month.

Other automotive brands that made the top 20 list were Suzuki in seventh place (searched incorrectly 78,800 times as Susuki or Suzki), Bugatti, which came in 12th place and was searched incorrectly 45,500 times per month with users frequently typing in Bugati or Bogati; Volkswagen, which finished 13th with 42,900 searches per month for Volkwagen or Volwagen and Porsche at #20 which was incorrectly searched 19,500 times per month with users frequently typing in Porsh or Porsch.


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