VehicleMind Launches Smartphone-Based Service to Monitor Car’s Health

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Vehicle Mind translates car data into insights and recommendations through a mobile app. Video: VehicleMind

Canadian startup Vehicle Mind launches a subscription-based service connecting drivers to their vehicle by giving them a snapshot view of their car’s health, maintenance and safety status, directly from their smartphone.

Vehicle Mind’s features and benefits are highly applicable to car owner challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

Vehicle Mind’s core mission is to empower car owners by offering features that analyze and report on check engine diagnostics, maintenance and driving insights. Subscribers can monitor their car remotely with status-at-a-glance features such as fuel level, distance-to-empty, battery status, car location and maintenance reminders.

Vehicle Mind also detects and explains any check engine light issues including their severity level and recommended action. Other features include trip logging, automated expense reports, geofencing, and safety alerts for towing, unauthorized movement, low battery, and vehicle recalls.

The features work in synergy to deliver valuable data to help users make informed decisions, thus avoiding costly surprises while extending the life of their vehicle.

Using a combination of on-board diagnostic technology, GPS tracking, advanced motion sensors and proprietary algorithms engineered into the “VM Hub,” a sensor connected to a vehicle’s OBD port, Vehicle Mind translates car data into insights and recommendations through a mobile app. The app also generates 3 scores—eco score, car health score and driver score—which encourage safer driving habits that save car owners money over time.

“The automotive industry is not an open ecosystem. It’s very difficult to get access to your car’s data unless you consult with a third party, such as mechanics or dealerships. While we believe mechanics are an essential part of the ecosystem, we are focused on democratizing car maintenance by giving drivers access to their own car’s health and safety status,” said Kjell Kolstad, Vehicle Mind VP Alliances and Business Development.

The benefits of using Vehicle Mind equally translate to the host of challenges car owners are facing in light of the pandemic, lockdown measures and evolving driving habits—from maintenance issues arising from decreased use, to the increasing risk of car theft in major North American cities.

“Vehicle owners want to stay ahead of unexpected occurrences more than ever,” said Abhay Ghatpande, Vehicle Mind Co-Founder. “Whether a car is being driven or sitting in the driveway, it needs regular maintenance to avoid breakdowns and prevent accidents. People neglect maintenance due to a lack of time, money, the fear of exploitation, and now with the pandemic, understandably so. We are making car maintenance easy, convenient, and transparent with features that simplify Canadian drivers’ automotive lives during the pandemic and well beyond.”

For a limited time, Vehicle Mind is offering a subscription for $10 a month. The 4G/LTE Hub will also be on sale at $99 with no activation fees, instead of the regular price of $149. The Vehicle Mind app is available on iOS and Android. In-app mechanic appointment booking, a mechanic hotline, and access to roadside assistance features are expected to be added shortly to the subscription.


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