CES 2021: A Futuristic Dashboard for Mercedes-Benz

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The new advanced "Hyperscreen" dashboard from Mercedes-Benz. Photo: CES 2021

At the virtual CES 2021, Mercedes-Benz presented its new evolution of the MBUX dashboard that will be introduced on the 2022 models of the EQS electric sedan.

A first version of the MBUX dashboard was presented at CES 2018. This year, Mercedes-Benz representatives presented the new version, the “Hyperscreen”, which will be offered as an option on the EQS electric sedan scheduled to go on sale in 2022.

Ola Källenius, Chairman of the Mercedes-Benz Management Committee, explained that this is the largest interactive dashboard ever offered by the German manufacturer. Divided into three zones merged under the same platform, the surface presents the most useful information for the driver, such as speed, range and the G forces applied during acceleration or cornering.

The central panel will be dedicated to navigation and will be enriched with the icons most used by the driver to manage his driving, communications and comfort. The dashboard is designed to be intuitive and easy to use,” said Källenius. We want the driver to stay focused on the road. “The new dashboard wants to change the interaction with the environment inside and outside the vehicle.

For the front seat passenger, the third integrated display, the co-driver display, will allow him or her to manage comfort and share activities with other passengers. Its configuration ensures that if this passenger wants to watch a movie on the screen, the driver will not see it, thus avoiding distraction.

An interesting new application is Travel Knowledge. The driver can ask for information about the buildings and monuments that appear on the navigator by voice and the navigator will respond with the relevant information.


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