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Glen Demetrioff, President & CEO of RAPID RTC PHOTO RAPID RTC

RAPID RTC announced the addition of its Chat platform to BMW Group Canada’s premium customer experience, supporting the luxury manufacturer’s focus on providing innovative digital solutions for its customers.

RAPID RTC Chat will be available on BMW and MINI’s corporate sites, on BMW’s Virtual Showroom, on MINI’s Shop Home webpage, and on both brands’ regional advertising sites.

The RAPID RTC Chat tool brings BMW Group Canada’s vision of a premium customer experience to life by offering customers and prospects the information they want and need, in the format in which they desire it.

The industry-leading digital solution connects active shoppers on BMW Group websites to sales staff on the showroom floor.

Digital conversations with knowledgeable BMW and MINI retailers are facilitated by a live concierge and provide online customers engaging real-time shopping experience.

BMW Group Canada’s focus on digitalization is directly tied to its focus on the customer. The company believes that digitally enabling the customer experience unites all aspects of their interaction with the brands, seamlessly integrating the various touchpoints the customer encounters and making their experience richer and more holistic.

RAPID RTC Chat provides live interactions from the beginning, creating a more personal environment, demonstrating care and responsiveness, and elevating the overall interaction.

“The faster we can make quality connections between engaged online shoppers and our retail partners, the better chance we have of meeting the customer’s expectations,” stated Andrew Scott, Director, Brand Management, BMW Canada.

“We recently launched a virtual showroom on bmw.ca which allows prospective customers to browse our website in a new and interactive way. The ability to now go one step further and connect them digitally to a retailer in real-time allows us to provide the ultimate online customer experience.”

“We’re trying to ease the customer’s shopping experience, so getting timely answers directly from the expert is critical,” added Adam Wexler, National Manager, Brand Communications for MINI Canada.

“As prospects look to go further in their online journey, who better to answer those questions and nurture relationships than our trained sales advisors?”

With RAPID RTC Chat, BMW and MINI retailers can be connected in real-time with an online customer, but not before RAPID RTC’s trained, bilingual concierge service meets, greets and qualifies the prospect.

All eligible salespeople then receive a text and email notification indicating there is an engaged online customer looking to chat.

If they are not busy with showroom opportunities, the first salesperson to accept the chat will be instantly connected with the click of a button, allowing a one-to-one dialogue with sales and prospects to take place.

“As the car-buying journey increasingly moves to the virtual space, consumers are naturally seeking more digital channels they’re comfortable using to connect with dealers,” said Glen Demetrioff, President & CEO of RAPID RTC.

“With no bots and only our live, trained staff working directly with dealers, we can be confident in the online experience we are providing our partners like BMW Group. Dealers can enable their best sales tool – their salespeople – to easily connect with online traffic when they aren’t busy on the showroom floor, allowing them to seamlessly meet customer expectations while building rapport with online leads between showroom prospects.”


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