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Simplicity Car Care is proud to announce the release of its 2023 Annual Report, highlighting a year of exceptional growth, prestigious recognition, and strong environmental initiatives. 

In 2023, Simplicity Car Care expanded significantly by opening its 94th location across Canada and entering new markets in Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. The company was honoured as one of Canada’s fastest-growing businesses by The Globe and Mail, reflecting its innovative strategies and robust market performance. Customer satisfaction remained high with an 80% Net Promoter Score (NPS), underscoring their commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences. 

A key milestone for Simplicity Car Care this year was the company’s partnership with the Canadian Elite Basketball League (CEBL), which has strengthened community engagement and brand visibility. Simplicity’s dedication to sustainability is evident—with the company removing 300 tons of CO2 from the environment, aligning with its long-term green initiatives. 

“2023 has been a transformative year for Simplicity Car Care,” said Paul Prochillo, CEO of Simplicity Car Care. “Our team’s dedication and innovative approach have driven significant growth and positioned us as leaders in customer satisfaction and environmental stewardship. We look forward to building on this success in the coming years.”

The full 2023 Annual Report, detailing the company’s performance, strategic initiatives, and future outlook, is available on the Simplicity Car Care website at https://simplicitycc.com/registration/ 

Franchisee First Philosophy 

Simplicity Car Care offers its franchisees unrivalled operational support, to foster continuous growth and development in all key business segments. Our Operations Team provides a consultative approach for each franchise owner, delivering a return on investment from day one. 

“Franchisee support continues to receive significant investment as we experiment with data-based learning models to customise development for each strategic franchise partner.” says Domenic Prochilo, Vice President of Simplicity Car Care. 

Simplicity Car Care is focused on creating a positive and profound impact on its franchisees by achieving the following: 

  • Increasing and diversifying top-line sales 
  • Delivering unparalleled operational support and processes that allows the franchisee to focus on their business priorities 
  • Leveraging our Multi-Store Operation (MSO) experience to guide and support franchisees through any operational challenges
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