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The REVO Speed drying acceleration system combined with Side-Load doors. Photo Techno-Combustion GMS

A look at the GFS range shows that it offers collision shop owners a multitude of solutions for paint chambers and hot air generators.

All GFS products are ETL-C or ULc certified, which are mandatory standards for all gas or electrical equipment in Quebec. They are also built and certified to NFPA, OSHA and ICC standards.

Techno-Combustion distributor GMS is an RBQ-registered company with technicians certified to work on gas equipment.

Economy mode is standard on all paint chambers. Thanks to intelligent energy management when the cab is not in use for more than three minutes, the economy mode unique to GFS products can save up to 60% in annual energy costs.

Whether DownDraft, Semi-DownDraft or CrossDraft, GFS produces equipment to meet the needs of collision shops. Several sizes are also available.

The recirculation firing mode available on most GFS products is the best way to dry paint while saving maximum energy. This type of cooking allows the paint to be baked in 12 minutes in some cases.

The three models of hot air generator can be adapted to almost any cabin.

Dual variable speed drives, combined with automatic pressure balancing, give you the advantage of precise control of the air crib.

The ULTRA XP paint chamber version from GMS. Photo Techno-Combustion GMS

ULTRA paint chamber

The ULTRA cabin line is the GFS Premium option. It offers a different configuration of filter ceiling and lighting layout to optimise air distribution in the paint chamber. It is available in ‘Downdraft’ and ‘Semi-Downdraft’ versions.

In this category, as well as in the PERFORMER range, you can opt for the XP1 models, which are more complete and include most of the options.

They offer high production capacity, superior performance, adequate lighting, contamination control, ease of operation and energy efficiency. These models are presented in DownDraft technology only.

For a version that offers DownDraft and Semi-DownDraft capabilities, workshops can opt for the XD models, the most versatile in the range. They offer a full range of options for collision shop owners.

For an economical approach, GFS is presenting its XS model for the ULTRA line, which has single-skin walls with no insulation. However, all options can be added to this product line.

For a workshop that repaints larger commercial vehicles, the ULTRA XL model offers the solution. This is the largest model in the range, with a 12-foot-high paint chamber.

This DownDraft solution can be powered by all furnaces except the SpaceSaver version.

Also in the ULTRA range, GFS offers the XR version, which features an integrated REVO cooking system. It is designed to increase cooking speed to the maximum while the REVO Speed automatically moves the cars for even infrared cooking. DownDraft technology also forms the basis of the equipment here.

The PERFORM line

The PERFORMER cabin line is the brand’s affordable version. Offering similar benefits to the ULTRA line, the interior configuration and exterior look are slightly different for this entry-level line.

The chambers are available in DownDraft, CrossDraft and Semi-DownDraft versions.

An ES model is also available in this product family. It is the equivalent of the XS version, but in ‘Semi-DownDraft’ and ‘CrossDraft’ configurations. You can add all the options you want.

It must be coupled with the BT1200 hot air generator from the same manufacturer.

Hot air generators

When it comes to furnaces, GFS offers the highly versatile BT1200 ventilation system. It represents the culmination of the Team Blowtherm and Devilbiss technologies integrated into GFS in 2003.

The highlight of this cab is the exhaust duct positioned directly at the exhaust outlet. So there is one less filtration stage on the drain, which reduces operating costs.

A compact version is also presented by GFS in the form of the SpaceSaver. This exclusive ventilation system saves floor space because it is installed on top of the chamber.

The most complete version of the air generator is the GUL2000, which features four stages of filtration, a compact design and direct-drive fans. It is controlled by a LOGIC3 unit and has a single shutter, like the other models, to reduce the risk of problems.

A rich catalogue of options

GFS offers collision shop owners a whole range of accessories to optimise their paint chambers. For example, the REVO cooking acceleration system increases production by 80% while saving energy thanks to its infrared system.

Another cooking acceleration system, AdvanceCure, is also available and increases speed by recovering hot air and recirculating it in the chamber to facilitate heat transfer by creating turbulence.

The company is also introducing a range of intelligent control panels that monitor chamber conditions and processes.

Finally, for high-volume workshops, GFS offers the Side-Load strategy. This floor track system allows quick and easy movement between stations during the finishing process.

It is estimated that reducing vehicle movements can save up to 15 minutes per repair cycle. The Side-Load system is combined with RollSeal full-size side doors.

To complete the range, GFS is presenting a number of accessories such as lighting, raised floors, pits and an innovative ‘Drive-Thru’ configuration.



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