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Anita Gouveia, Director of People Development at Fix Network. Photo Fix Network

Although Anita Gouveia has only been at Fix Network for three years, it’s not the first time she’s worked in a predominantly male industry.

“I worked for more than a decade in logistics, which, like the automotive industry, has a male-centric workforce” notes Gouveia, Director of People Development at Fix. 

The automotive industry has exposed her to varying regulations, collaborations with various partners such as the insurance sector, and a number of other diverse subtleties. Consequently, understanding the industry and aligning them with the organization’s goals and objectives has been her challenge.  She wants to ensure she’s providing learning opportunities that ultimately provide Fix with a competitive advantage. 

Gouveia’s role at Fix involves overseeing and implementing strategies that foster employee growth, skill development and career progression. There is a human resources aspect to her role, which also includes organizational development, focusing on talent and succession, employee engagement and culture. 

Apprenticeship program

Already, Gouveia is proud of the new programs she’s introduced at Fix.

She was able to successfully gain provisional approval for the first United States Autoglass Apprenticeship in the states of Washington and Oregon. “These are one of the most challenging states to obtain accreditation,” states Gouveia.  “This program will provide new opportunities and collaborations for us, in particular with the military, youth, and other community-based programs.”

Among other initiatives, Gouveia has undertaken is the Leadership Development program, which spanned the entire Fix organization and was aimed at scaling up leadership capabilities, reinforcing core behaviours and keeping up with change. “I feel passionate about diversity,” says Gouveia. A key element of the leadership program was promoting inclusivity, and that meant ensuring women were included. 

Gouveia believes that one of the ways to set women apart in the industry is to demonstrate their credibility and competence. “Often we just don’t get the opportunity.” Providing access to C-Suite team members was a component of the Leadership Development Program.

New this year, Gouveia will be introducing an Aspiring Leaders program aimed at developing future leaders and reinforcing Fix’s commitment to developing talent. 

Gender balance

From Gouveia’s view, there are definitely advantages to being a woman. According to her, “Women have great investment skills, critical thinking abilities and can take calculated risks.”  Having women in leadership positions can help companies make decisions that are more balanced, strategic and inclusive, thus bringing a more balanced perspective. Although more women are joining the industry, Gouveia believes there needs to be a stronger effort made toward gender balance. 

She’s been on the board of directors for the Peel Halton Chapter of the Institute of Performance and Learning for 20 years. It’s the men and women in that group that have provided her great support and acted as mentors and allies. “That network of individuals has meant a lot to me,” Gouveia attests.

There’s great hope for the future, as the next generation continues to bring in new thinking and ways of working. “Women have choices now, this is progress,” Gouveia reports.



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