Renowned Calgary Car Detailing Company Launches Public Guide on ‘Paint Protection Film’

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Paint protection film. Photo Calgary Car Detailing

A premium auto detailing company in Calgary has officially launched a guide about paint protection film, as part of its mission to help save local drivers time and money.

A reputed facility for auto detailing, Calgary Car Detailing has warned locals not to jump headfirst into purchasing paint protection film before understanding where to buy it from. The company is renowned in the area for a range of expert car wash, paint protection and detailing services to protect and clean vehicles, and hires and trains technicians that consistently provide excellent customer service. The facility also uses premium products to ensure they only provide the highest quality services to their customers.

Paint protection film

As part of their services, they offer something which is called paint protection film, also known as PPF. This service is becoming increasingly popular with people looking to protect their cars from paint chips and abrasions since it provides a means of protection on both new and used vehicles. As part of the service, a clear film is applied to a vehicle’s exterior paint, which then protects vulnerable areas against common damage such as bugs, rock chips, stones, and other debris.

Calgary Car Detailing says that they have noticed a trend toward purchasing paint protection film, but there just isn’t enough information out there to help people save money. They say there is a growing issue of people being sold paint protection at extortionate prices, simply because they don’t know where else to go. That’s where the Calgary Car Detailing web page guide comes in handy, and they hope that just taking some time to read it will save people hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

Paint protection options

“Most customers are unaware of the additional costs associated with buying a car until they reach the finance department of a dealership. For this reason, we have created an FAQ section on our website which serves as a guide to the most frequently asked questions, allowing customers to determine what coverage is appropriate for their vehicle and how PPF compares with other paint protection options,” says Waqas, who is also a Certified Installer.

A car may cost a considerable amount of money on its own, without any extras, but people still don’t really understand the importance of protecting it, too. Car paint protection film really is the best protection available against swirl marks, scrapes, and rock chips. During the winter months, Calgary experiences extremely harsh weather conditions and uses gravel for traction. This results in a real need for exterior car protection. “In our opinion, no car in this area should be without paint protection film.

The benefits

“It’s our job to ensure locals are fully aware of the benefits of paint protection film and understand why it’s needed. Only then should they shop around with confidence, knowing exactly what they should be paying for this service, and the quality it should be finished with.”

Calgary Car Detailing says they offer more affordable paint protection services than many other average car dealerships. This, in addition to always having fully trained experts on-hand, means their services provide car owners with everything they need for an affordable, yet high-quality finish.

There are many major brands of paint protection film available on the market, such as 3M PPF and XPEL—both of which they offer. “In addition to ensuring the finish has excellent clarity, self-healing films also provide a protective layer, meaning the paint is likely to last much longer. People wouldn’t use a phone without a screen protector, so why don’t people think about doing the same with their car? The coverage of our paint protection film can be completely customized to match the customer’s needs and budget.”

Calgary Car Detailing now offers a guide on paint protection film on their website, in addition to simulated coverage, so that users can visualize which areas they would like to cover. From front bumpers, hoods fenders and side mirrors, to entire cars—whatever someone is looking to protect, Calgary Car Detailing has made the official FAQ section on their website public to help locals save time, money, and their vehicles.

To learn more about 3M paint protection film, please visit calgarycardetailing.ca.


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