SEMA 2021: AUTEL’s IA900WA Alignment & Calibration Tool

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Denis White and Claude Rettino from AUTEL in front of the equipment that can be used for both wheel alignment and calibration of advanced driver assistance systems. PHOTO Michel Beaunoyer

High-tech solutions provider AUTEL was showcasing its brand new IA900WA ADAS calibration and alignment equipment at SEMA.

Claude Rettino, newly posted in Montreal to serve the market, was our guide as we visited the AUTEL booth.

He began by emphasizing how enthusiastically he was approaching his new role of providing bilingual technical support to customers in Eastern Canada.

The featured equipment at the AUTEL booth was the new IA900WA, a piece of equipment that can be used by shops to calibrate ADAS sensors and cameras, but also to perform wheel alignments.

It comes with all the necessary software to perform both tasks. This versatility is all the more interesting because often, before proceeding with the calibration of ADAS equipment, the verification and correction of a wheel alignment are required.

“AUTEL’s role is to explain to our body shops that it is possible to tackle these new technologies. The diagnosis, repair and calibration of everything related to advanced driver assistance systems are now available to them.”

“They can do this work themselves. To use our new multi-purpose equipment, for example, an adapted room of 16 feet by 24 feet is enough. It’s a great opportunity for our body shops to take ownership of this technology, which is part of a growing number of vehicles that are entrusted to them.”

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