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simplicity car care soins d'auto rdp
Simplicity Soins d’Auto RDP Montreal is among the latest locations to join the network in Quebec. PHOTO Yann Canno

A unique market in Canada presents unique opportunities for this fast-growing collision repair network and its franchisees.

Since 2017, Simplicity Car Care has continued to grow and expand its presence across Canada.

Starting in Ontario, the network branched out into the Alberta market in 2019 and more recently has begun establishing a presence in Atlantic Canada (New Brunswick) and also Quebec.

From its inception, Simplicity Car Care has focused on its unique approach to franchise networking in the collision repair sector.

Its management team has been able to leverage its long-standing expertise running successful collision repair locations and provide its strategic franchise partners with the tools and resources to help elevate their operations in a long-term, sustainable and consistent fashion.

This successful strategy has proved itself in each and every market the network has established a footprint.

In reference to the network’s expansion into Quebec, where it has branded its operations as Simplicity Soins d’Auto, Guy Trottier, Field Conversion Manager, says that for collision repair centres in Quebec, Simplicity Car Care represents “a new way of doing business.”

Greater adoption rate

Trottier explains that the growth rate at which shops are willing to join the network in Quebec has been significantly higher than originally forecasted.

Part of the success in uptake is the way in which Simplicity Car Care approaches the concept of collision repair.

With an emphasis on reducing cycle time, reducing costs (where applicable) and being able to leverage the power of a network when it comes to relationships with insurers—franchisees who join the network quickly recognize the benefits of being part of the Simplicity Car Care family.

As the collision industry continues to change, many independent operators realize that it is often getting tougher when it comes to insurer relationships and earning new business.

“Many of the shops we visit, who want to start a conversation, are at that point where they need the power and support of a network,” says Trottier.

“Today, insurers often have very high criteria in selecting the collision centres they want to work with. The shops that we come across are great operators in their own right, but they are really at that point where they need the support of a network like ours to continue to grow and be successful in the future.”

Progressive operators

Trottier notes that the collision centres the network partners with tend to be progressive operators who are always looking to improve and embrace changes happening in the industry.

He also explains that in Quebec, the market is already very competitive with a strong presence of multiple collision repair networks, yet he says, Simplicity Car Care’s unique approach to the franchise model provides considerable benefits for those shops who join the network.

“We are more like a family here,” says Trottier. “The management team is always accessible and because they are collision repairers themselves, they understand the nuances of shop operations.”

While he acknowledges that the uniqueness of the Quebec market requires a different approach toward processes, support and training, the robust systems the network already has in place provide a strong foundation on which to build as Simplicity Car Care continues to expand in the province.

Ultimately, says Trottier, it’s about “wanting to be successful at what we’re doing.” Whether it’s actually performing a repair on a vehicle or seeing and recognizing a happy customer once the work is completed, every aspect of the process counts.

Adapting to change

Being able to pivot to changes in the market or operational conditions is also critical and has been amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic over the last 18 months.

Many frontline staff and managers that were used to conducting on-site visits or training had to quickly adapt to remote working and new ways of doing business, such as virtual meetings and conferencing.

This situation, in many cases, required adopting new procedures or modifying existing ones, and across the network, Simplicity Car Care was more than up to the challenge.

As Trottier summarizes, “We’re a strong group of people and we’re dedicated to success for our franchisees and our customers, no matter what is happening around us.”

At the end of the day, Simplicity Car Care’s mission is, as it has been since day one, “to make car care simple and affordable for every vehicle owner in the world.”


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