Official Certification for Canwest Collision Center

Official Certification for Canwest Collision Center
Canwest Collision Center has earned the Certified Collision Care recognition by successfully passing the stringent certification process. (Photo: Certified Collision Care)

Certified Collision Care has announced that Canwest Collision Center, a CSN Collision Centres facility, has now been officially certified.

Certified Collision Care, a non-profit consumer advocacy organization, recognizes those repair facilities that have and make use of the appropriate tools, equipment, training, and facilities that are required to repair the vehicles of the specific Automaker as per the manufacturer’s guidelines. Canwest Collision Center has now received the official certification from Certified Collision Care, Fiat Chrysler, Ford Certified, Kia, Lexus and Honda.

Canwest Collision Center has undergone the stringent certification process successfully to earn this recognition from the various automakers. The process is in place to ensure that the repair facilities are capable of repairing the advanced vehicles of today safely and properly. According to Certified Collision Care, less than five percent of collision repair shops are able to meet the rigorous standards necessary to be officially certified. The shops that have been certified have been able to meet or exceed these requirements.

“This certification supports our reputation for superior customer service serving our community. We are your neighbours and friends, so it is important to provide our customers with the peace of mind that their vehicles are being repaired correctly by highly trained professionals that care about them,” explained Stuart MacDonald, owner of Canwest Collision Center.

Certified Collision Care evaluates the repair shops on the basis of the requirements set by auto manufacturers. The organization explains in a release that this is especially important to determine whether the vehicle’s fit, finish, durability, value and safety are maintained after an accident. Safe and proper repairs as per manufacturers’ recommendations have become necessary due to advanced technology and the use of lightweight high strength materials. Auto manufacturers, therefore, wish to offer the end-users the option of receiving Certified Collision Repairs, notes the organization.

“Consumers need the confidence and peace of mind to know their vehicle is being repaired by a shop that has what it takes to ensure vehicle safety. Canwest Collision Center is officially a Collision Care Provider,” said Scott Biggs, CEO of Assured Performance Collision Care. “They represent the standard by which all other body shops are measured.”

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