Dent Fix Introduces Easy Operation Plastic Welder

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Dent Fix Introduces Easy Operation Plastic Welder
The Dent Fix DF-EZA1 Airless Plastic Welder kit comes with two tips, a spade spreading tip and a feeder welding tip. (Photo: Dent Fix)

Dent Fix has announced the release of its easy operation plastic welder—the Dent Fix DF-EZA1 Airless Plastic Welder.

The product has been designed to repair the most basic tears, gouges, cracks, and some tabs on damaged automotive plastic parts in an economical manner.

Dent Fix explains that airless plastic welding, first introduced in the late 1970s, is still used today. Airless plastic welding can be used to perform most repairs that are done using adhesives.

The Dent Fix DF-EZA1 kit comes with two tips—one spade spreading tip and one feeder welding tip. The company notes that a great way to melt plastic material into the V-Grove of the repair is using the feeder welding tip. To smooth out the finish of the repair job, the repair technician can opt for the spade spreading tip.

Five types of 3mm plastics rods are available with the kit as well to aid in repairing ABS, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polycarbonate, and Polyurethane plastics.

The kit is available in a small compact size, making it easy to store in a toolbox, drawer, bag or cart and carry it around the shop whenever required. For easy storage, the welding wand of the device can be unplugged.

Operating the welder is easy; the user can simply turn the dial to the correct heat setting and begin with the plastic welding. When the user turns the adjustment know, the temperature of the tip is increased or decreased according to the heat requirements of the specific type of plastic being repaired.

Dent Fix is offering a five-year warranty coverage on the tool. Dent Fix equipment, tools and accessories are marketed and distributed in Canada by Speciality Product Sales (SPS) since 2019.

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