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Car-O-Liner Releases B & M Software
Car-O-Liner’s B & M Detail List is compatible with its Vision2 software (shown) family. (Photo: Car-O-Liner)

Car-O-Liner has announced the release of its popular B & M software, designed to aid bodyshops in increasing the efficiency and speed of its repair processes.

The B & M software is compatible with Car-O-Liner’s Vision2 family of software—X1, X2 and X3—for the company’s measuring equipment. As explained by the company, the B & M Detail List is additional software that has been created to aid in determining the bench (B) and measuring (M) details necessary when the repair technician is setting up and measuring a particular vehicle. It can also be used to determine which vehicles can be used with specific combinations of bench and measuring details.

Car-O-Liner notes that the bodyshop needs to have a valid subscription for Vision2 that is installed and registered to be able to then install the B & M Detail List. Additionally, the relevant DataSheets need to be downloaded so that the user is able to view images of bench and measuring details.

Car-O-Liner can be installed quickly. The B & M software comes with a comprehensive search function that includes a wide range of search criteria. These include makes and models of vehicles, international or USA index, dates of manufacture, and bench details and measuring details.

The user also has the option for looking up details for a list of vehicles, especially the details necessary for a specific vehicle make and subgroup. The software additionally allows the user to determine vehicles that have a particular detail. It is also possible to search vehicles that have P2P (point-to-point), EVO 1 & 2 OR EVO 3 Data in the datasheet. Additional details regarding kits and sets can be looked up as well. For future reference and use, the repair technician can save the search criteria.

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