DeVilbiss Introduces New Disposable Paint Cup System

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DeVilbiss Introduces New Disposable Paint Cup System
The new DeVilbiss Disposable Paint Cup System is designed for speed and efficiency in automotive refinish jobs. (Photo: DeVilbiss)

DeVilbiss Automotive Refinishing, a Refinish Solutions Group partner, has introduced its new SNAP N FLOW Disposable Paint Cup System.

According to the company, SNAP N FLOW system features a simplified design to allow refinish technicians to measure, mix, spray and store paint in the same mixing cup. The lid is specially designed to snap onto the cup which is then ready for spraying.

DeVilbiss has engineered this system to maintain a “constant flow of paint from the cup through the gun.” Refinish technicians can achieve better colour matching and have more control over their jobs due to the consistent, unrestricted fluid flow.

The company lists the following advantages of using the SNAP N FLOW disposable cup system during automotive refinish jobs:

  • It involves fewer number of steps during the process
  • It allows for better colour matching
  • Minimal paint usage is required
  • The system is less messy and making it easier to clean up later
  • Provides easy paint storage options
  • It is designed to consume less time and materials

For better fluid flow to the spray gun, the SNAP N FLOW system comes with specially designed chambered lid and venting tube. The company is offering 15- and 32-ounce lid sizes for small and large jobs respectively. Additionally, options are available for lids with integrated filters in 125- or 200-micron sizes.

DeVilbiss is offering SNAP N FLOW mixing cups in standard industry sizes of 15 and 32 ounces. To make stirring easy, they feature flat bottoms.

To fix the gravity spray gun to the SNAP N FLOW lid, the system comes with an easy-connect adapter. There are several adapter options available that are compatible with most gravity guns sold by major gun manufacturers.

Strong flat lids are provided for mixing paint on the shaker or for storing paint. For shaker mixing, DeVilbiss has also added a shaker adapter to go with the lid. The company has additionally designed special SNAP N FLOW plugs that can be snapped onto the cone-shaped lids. It is possible to store the cup and vented lid system upside down due to the design of the plugs. The filter, thus, remains wet when the paint is stored.

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