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Growing Concerns

Inflation and Interest Rates maybe rising but consumer demand is still working in dealers’ favour. Just when we think things might finally be straightening out, something…
Rebekah Young Scotiabank Economics

The World Changes Again

Conflict in Ukraine will further affect the industry’s fragile recovery. One of the drawbacks in being an economic forecaster is that you appear to have everything…
Rebekah Young Scotiabank Economics

Gradual Recovery

Current signals point to improvements in both the new and used vehicle markets, though this is likely to take some time. We’ve seen improvements in new-vehicle…
Rebekah Young Scotiabank Economics

Electric Vehicles: What Can We Expect?

Price and manufacturing may be cause for uncertainty. For the auto industry and its dealers, the transition to electric vehicles (EVs) may be among the most…

Empty Dealer Lots Are a Dose of Reality

High demand and shortages might last until 2023. The dealer lots are still almost empty, and that’s a “dose of reality” that’s likely to remain with…
Rebekah Young Scotiabank Economics

Economic Outlook: Vehicle Prices Still High

Although inventory is starting to improve, supplies remain limited, pushing up demand and pricing. Canadian auto sales saw a bit of rebound in early summer after…

Global Auto Sales by Rebekah Young

Canadian auto sales posted another rebound in July, marking a third consecutive month of recovery. Sales have improved, but the pandemic is still having an effect.…

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