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The Importance of Good Partnerships

In many cases, partnerships can either make or break your business. A topic that seems to come up frequently in discussions today concerns drivable versus non-drivable…

Changing Claims, Changing Process

In the second of two columns, J.R. looks at how the post-pandemic claims process is impacting the mechanics of shop operation We all know that collision…

The Changing Face of Insurance Claims

In the first of two articles related to the claims process, J.R. looks at how the COVID-19 pandemic and market conditions are changing the claims process…

Building a Pipeline for the Future

Consistent labour Investments today are key to long-term success.   Last time in this column, we saw how the COVID-19 pandemic changed the collision repair industry…

A New Reality

Increasing costs, labour shortages, and capacity issues are impacting collision repairs like never before. In many ways, it could be argued that the COVID-19 pandemic served…

Fighting Inflation

A different approach to business is required today. We’ve all seen the impact of inflation. The cost of food, the cost of fuel, the cost of…

Dealing With Staffing Shortages

Finding solutions to alleviate current capacity issues. A big issue many collision centres are dealing with at present is staff shortages. The COVID-19 pandemic saw many…

Planning for Parts Shortages

Currently, one of the biggest issues facing many collision centres is the problem of ongoing parts shortages. And if the situation isn’t handled properly, it can…

Post Pandemic Success

Investments in people and processes will be key moving forward. These are interesting times we live in. Every day it seems there is another event that…

“Resignation” Response

Collision staffing strategies for a new era. Historically, Budds’ Collision Services has placed a strong belief in growing and promoting our staff from within. Every month,…


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