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Heavy-Duty Pickups: Serious Capability

Heavy-duty work needs a heavy-duty truck, and the three Detroit-based automakers deliver on that. While other automakers offer light-duty trucks, only Ford, General Motors, and Ram…

Fleet Selector: Low Emission Options

These compact and midsize SUVs could be just right for your fleet. When you’re outfitting your fleet with compact and midsize SUVs, it may be worthwhile…

Delivery Vans: Maximum Utility

Gasoline is still a mainstay, but electricity is making its way into this segment as well. Vans are essential to many fleets, whether they’re being used…

Heavy-Duty Truck: Getting the Job Done

These workhorses provide maximum capacity for your fleet. The heavy-duty truck segment is regularly updated, and that’s always a benefit for fleets as these vehicles expand…

Fleet Selector: Electric & Hybrid CUVs

These small sport-utilities may ultimately save you money With electrification mandates on the horizon, many fleets are looking at adding EVs, hybrids, and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs)…

Delivery Vans Offer Space, Utility & Efficiency

Today’s vans offer a range of practical solutions for fleets. Delivery Vans have always been vital to fleets, and especially now that consumers are increasingly depending…

EV Battery Recycling: Who’s Going To Do It?

Governments are grappling with this emerging industry. Electric vehicles are all about “going green,” but their purchase is only part of the story. What happens to…

Fleet Selector: Light-Duty Pickup Trucks

A range of options to suit commercial operators. Trucks are vital to a fleet and OEMs spend a lot of time and money updating them, including…


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