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Galaxy’s newest tire is the Earth Pro Radial 853 R1-W, designed specifically for the needs of Canadian farmers. Credit: Galaxy

The Galaxy tire brand has been a big seller in Canada for decades, and a must for retailers in the specialty tire space.

If you’re currently selling and servicing specialty tires, then the Galaxy brand of tires, available in Canada exclusively through Dynamic Tire, could prove to be a valuable addition to the lineup of products you already offer your specialty tire customers.

With a reputation for quality and value, Galaxy tires have been sold in Canada for decades. While key products in the lineup continue to sell very well, year after year, Galaxy continues to innovate and engineer new and improved tires for the specialty tire market.

Beefy Baby III

One of these top-selling tires is the Galaxy Beefy Baby III, which is in huge demand in the construction industry. While the reinforced lug design ensures excellent traction, self-cleaning, and ground contact, the robust sidewall with a rim shield protector, safeguards the tire against damages.

The Beefy Baby III builds on the success of the original Beefy Baby, and has been engineered to take advantage of advanced compounds that guarantee a longer life, reduced downtime and higher productivity.

In short, if you sell and service tires for the construction industry in Canada, the Galaxy Beefy Baby III is a must-have for your customers. “Not only is this a skid steer tire, but you’ll also find it on some backhoes,” explains Gregory Pickering, Segment Manager, Non DOT Products at Dynamic Tire. “So it’s a really popular tire, and frankly, one of our best sellers.”

In fact, according to Pickering, sales of the Galaxy Beefy Baby III continue to grow, year over year. “Even though it’s pricier than the original Beefy Baby, which is still available, it’s such a good tire that specialty tire customers are willing to spend a little extra for the benefits,” he adds. “Quite simply, they see the value because they can reduce downtime and increase productivity with the new and improved tread design, the new and improved structure of the tire, and the premium compound.”

As the name implies, the Galaxy Hulk is one tough skid steer tire. Credit: Galaxy

Galaxy Hulk

Another top seller is the Galaxy Hulk. As the name implies, this is one tough skid steer tire. The Hulk features a unique tread pattern that allows it to operate in extreme conditions. The tread is self-cleaning, and thanks to the deep tread depths, and the steel-to-blank space, the Hulk L-4 provides extraordinary service hours, which in turn reduces downtime caused by cuts and punctures. This is by far the best skid steer tire on the market.

“The design of the tread allows the Hulk to roll smoothly along pavement and other flat surfaces,” Pickering explains. “It’s used in a lot of paving and road building applications.”

The Hulk has been sold in Canada for decades, and continues to be a top seller. “It offers great stability and the tread is really deep, which translates into excellent drive comfort, and superior durability,” Pickering adds. “This tire lasts a long time, it has tremendous load-carrying capabilities, and it can be retreaded. No wonder it’s been around for so many years and why it continues to sell so well. You just can’t beat it.”

Galaxy EarthPro Radial 853 R1-W

One of Galaxy’s newest tires is the Earth Pro Radial 853 R1-W, which is designed specifically for the needs of Canadian farmers. The 853 is an agricultural radial tire with a multi-angle lug design with steep angles at the centre that enable a smooth ride along with self-cleaning characteristics.

“This new tire also comes with a new D speed rating,” explains Pickering. “This means it can meet the demands of the next generation of high-speed and high-horsepower tractors.”

Not only are newer tractors more powerful and more capable, but they’re also called on to perform both on- and off-road. “That’s why the Earth Pro Radial 853 has been designed to exceed expectations both on regular pavement, as well as in the dirt,” Pickering adds. “These tractors have to be able to handle the demanding terrain, wherever crops may be planted, but then they also have to be able to handle regular pavement, when farmers drive from one field to another on public roads. The Earth Pro Radial 853 can easily handle both extremes.”

The Dynamic Tire difference

Galaxy tires are distributed in Canada exclusively by Dynamic Tire, which stands behind the Galaxy brand with a comprehensive warranty, along with extensive support for tire dealers.

“We are confident in our ability to provide our dealer network with the ultimate support package,” says Dynamic Tire’s VP of Sales and Marketing, David Pulla, “and we aim to deliver the best customer experience in the tire industry. Our mission is to sustain and strengthen our reputation as the preferred choice in specialty tires throughout Canada.”

Far from simply importing and selling Galaxy tires, Dynamic Tire is proud to partner with tire retailers in an effort to bring quality tire products to Canadians at a reasonable price.

“We’re proud to offer our partners the Galaxy brand,” Pulla adds, “because Galaxy is able to supply a comprehensive range of sizes and patterns for a variety of tire markets, including agriculture, construction, forestry, industrial, OTR, and bias TBR.”

Marketing & sales support

Dynamic Tire stands behind the Galaxy brand with a comprehensive warranty protection plan, and a Canadian support team of passionate tire enthusiasts who stand at the ready to support tire retailers. In addition, on the marketing front, Dynamic Tire is currently developing a new website and catalogue to promote the Galaxy tire brand, and drive business to tire retailers.

“We’re very proud of our team of local sales professionals and product segment managers, all of whom have industry-leading experience in all facets of the tire business,” Pulla explains. “In addition, our dedicated in-field specialists are available for additional support, which means that our retail partners can count on our support. If they succeed, we succeed.”

Pulla sums up the relationship Dynamic Tire’s retail partners can count on: “We strive to offer our customers the highest quality of tires, the lowest cost of ownership, and the utmost convenience. That’s the Dynamic Tire difference.”


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