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James McIntyre, VP of Sales, Canada for Sailun Tire Americas says that Rovelo offers a complete lineup of business solutions. Photo Jack Kazmierski

The Rovelo brand is on a roll, with new tires in the pipeline for the near future.

Part of the Sailun Tire family of brands, Rovelo is making headlines this year as the brand hits the accelerator on innovation and engineering, bringing new and exciting PLT products to market for Canadian consumers, and beyond.

As the largest tire distributor in Canada, Groupe Touchette is instrumental in the success of the Rovelo brand, especially now as Rovelo is primed and ready to expand their offering.

“Groupe Touchette and Rovelo have shared a great exclusive partnership built on trust and the belief that customers deserve great tires at an affordable price,” says Groupe Touchette’s David Giguère, VP of Marketing & Merchandising. “Groupe Touchette has seen incredible growth over the company’s 40 years, and Rovelo’s plans align nicely with our strategy. We are excited Rovelo is expanding and refreshing their product lineup and think our customers will love the tires that Rovelo is launching this year and next year.”

James McIntyre, VP of Sales, Canada for Sailun Tire Americas (STA) speaks very highly of the brand’s partnership with Groupe Touchette. “Rovelo is proud to partner with such an iconic Canadian company that shares the same values we do,” he says. “That’s why we are so excited to expand the Rovelo product lineup in the coming weeks and months as we improve Rovelo PLT with Groupe Touchette.”

Rovelo offers what McIntyre calls, “a complete lineup of business solutions with unsurpassed product and unmatched customer experience in the value tire segment.” He adds: “Our products are available in over 135 countries globally, and we are ranked the 12th largest tire manufacturer. With bestin- class warranties and support, you can be sure you’re getting excellent value and a product you can be confident in.”

The Rovelo brand has an impressive history of growth. Market demand has grown steadily, and although Rovelo tires are designed and engineered in North America for the North American market, they’re produced in numerous factories in Vietnam, Cambodia and China in order to keep up with global demand.

Extensive lineup

Currently, Rovelo offers Canadian consumers a broad range of products, including HP, UHP, LT and winter tires. For example, the Rovelo RHP-778 is an HP tire with exceptional tread life, uncompromising comfort and ride quality.

On the UHP side, the Rovelo RPX-988 is engineered to deliver precise wet and dry handling characteristics. The wide shoulder tread blocks and high angle sipes optimize high-speed cornering performance.

SUV and crossover owners benefit from the Rovelo Road Quest H/T all-season, which delivers the exceptional handling and stability that today’s SUV and crossover vehicles demand, but without compromising ride comfort.

Rovelo also offers an LT tire: the Ridgetrak A/T. Designed to deliver superior traction for SUVs, pick-ups and vans, both on and off the road, it’s also approved for severe snow conditions and comes with the 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol.

Finally, Rovelo offers a studdable winter tire, the Rovelo RWS-677. Designed to deliver superior traction in severe winter weather conditions, the specially-formulated compound provides maximum performance in extreme temperatures while maintaining a quiet, comfortable ride.

Innovation & engineering

As Rovelo continues to innovate, the brand is bringing exciting new tires to market this year and next. Currently, three brand new tires are available to order: the Arctic Vision, Instinct AS01 and Instinct SUV/CUV.

The Arctic Vision, as the name implies, is a premium studless winter tire, engineered to provide an extraordinary driving experience, and to ensure safety. Available in 35 sizes (16-22 inches), in V & W speed ratings, it comes with a two-year road hazard warranty.

Specifically designed for the growing SUV and crossover market, Rovelo’s Instinct AS01 and Instinct SUV/CUV have both been designed specifically to deliver all-season traction with a focus on fuel-efficiency and comfort. The Instinct AS01 comes in 50 sizes (14-19 inches), in T & W speed ratings, and offers a 100,000 km / 5 year warranty. The Instinct SUV/CUV was designed for larger vehicles, and is available in 49 sizes (16-21 inches), in H, V & W speed ratings, and comes with the same warranty.

Coming soon

Available later this year, and in early 2024, Rovelo has four new and exciting tires in the pipeline: Ridgetrak HT, Ridgetrak AT, Ridgetrak RT, and the Instinct UHP A/S.

The Ridgetrak lineup is designed for truck lovers. The Ridgetrak HT is an excellent all-season highway terrain tire for light trucks, SUVs and crossovers, providing excellent traction, a quiet ride, and consistent handling for a comfortable and enjoyable drive. It’s available in 34 P-Metric and LT sizes (15-22 inches) and comes with an 80,000 km / 5 year warranty.

The Ridgetrak AT is a premium all-terrain tire that can handle on-and-off road terrains with ease. It features an advanced tread pattern, an aggressive sidewall design, and has been engineered to deliver exceptional traction in all road conditions, including snow. In fact, it comes with the 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol. Projected to debut in Q1 of 2024, it will be available in 44 sizes (15-22 inches), and will come with an 80,000 km / 5 year warranty.

Available in Q4 of this year, the Ridgetrak RT delivers ultimate on and off-road performance. With the perfect mix of traction, durability and long tread life, it has been specifically designed to outlast Canada’s harshest terrains. Available in 36 sizes (17-22 inches), it comes with a 72,000 km / 5 year warranty and the 3 Peak Mountain Snowflake symbol. Additionally, LT sizes are studdable for extra traction.

Completing the soon-to-bereleased lineup is the Instinct UHP A/S. Designed for adrenaline junkies, this is Rovelo’s new ultra- high-performance tire. Once it debuts in late Q1 of 2024, it will be available in roughly 45 sizes (16-22 inches). More details will be available closer to launch date.

Designed in North America, with North American consumers in mind, these Rovelo tires are available at an exceptional price. In partnership with Groupe Touchette, the largest tire distributor in Canada, the Rovelo team is determined to deliver on a promise that’s nicely summed up by STA VP of Sales, James McIntyre: “We believe customers deserve exceptional tires at an exceptional price.”



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