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TIRECRAFT Atlantic Canada and Atrium Solutions join forces to introduce an innovative AI platform. Photo Atrium Solutions

TIRECRAFT Atlantic Canada launched its highly advanced Commercial Tire ERS (Emergency Roadside Service) platform in partnership with Atrium Solutions Inc. 

This collaboration brings next-generation AI technology to the tire industry across Atlantic Canada. Through this partnership, TIRECRAFT Atlantic Canada locations, and their fleet customers, across Atlantic Canada will benefit from the advanced AI capabilities of Atrium Solutions’ Commercial Tire ERS platform. 

ERS platform

The Commercial Tire ERS platform leverages Atrium Solutions’ state-of-the-art AI capabilities to revolutionize the way roadside tire assistance is provided to commercial vehicle operators. By integrating AI-powered algorithms, the platform ensures quicker response times, enhanced accuracy, and improved customer experience during emergency situations.

The AI system analyzes incoming service requests, identifies the most appropriate service provider, and dispatches them swiftly to stranded commercial vehicles. This intelligent matching system ensures optimal resource allocation and significantly reduces response times, minimizing downtime for businesses and drivers.

“We are excited to launch the Commercial Tire ERS AI platform in collaboration with TIRECRAFT Atlantic Canada,” said Todd Richardson, CEO of Atrium Solutions Inc. “By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, we aim to transform the roadside tire assistance landscape, providing faster and more efficient services to commercial vehicle operators in Atlantic Canada. We look forward to a successful partnership with TIRECRAFT Atlantic Canada as we revolutionize the industry together.”

The launch of the Commercial Tire ERS platform represents a significant milestone for both Atrium Solutions Inc and TIRECRAFT Atlantic Canada. The integration of AI technology will streamline operations, improve service quality, and reinforce their positions as industry leaders in the tire industry.



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