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Hunter Engineering Company has announced the release of its completed Quick Tread Edge technology to the market.

Quick Tread Edge is Hunter’s latest drive-over tire tread depth measuring tool that delivers detailed tire wear in seconds, with added edge wear detection; providing a greater analysis of overall tire condition and safety performance. Service providers can now better identify tire wear on every tire while providing customers with informative, in-depth results.

Paired with Hunter’s touchless alignment inspection system, Quick Check Drive, immediate vehicle inspection can be delivered to customers without any additional labour to the Service Drive lanes.

Quick Tread Edge was first unveiled at SEMA Show in 2018. However, the product was still under development. Last week, Hunter, unveiled the fully developed and tested product, which is now available to order.

After the introduction of the equipment concept at SEMA, Hunter Canada received initial commitments from 45 locations, both from the aftermarket and dealership sides, to install the flush-mounted framework in anticipation for this product release. “We are in the process of going back to those visionaries and providing them with the opportunity to be the first ones in Canada to receive this before the general release of the product. We wanted to give them the first opportunity to get their hands on the new technology,” says John Peron, Director of Canadian Operations, at Hunter Engineering Company. “We’ve received 90% of those orders and are currently working through production shipments now.”

Speedy Auto Service in Brantford, ON, became the first aftermarket shop in Canada to install Hunter’s new Quick Tread Edge. Last week, Valleyfield Honda, QC, was the first shop in Canada to have the new product installed.

Installing just this product will allow a shop to do an unmanned verification of 100% of the tires that come into the shop, explains Peron. “Currently, less than 35% of the ROs have some kind of tire inspection or service on them. The Quick Tread Edge increases the ability of every shop to get a huge lift in the inspection of the tires and allow them to do tire services. This improves the efficiencies of technicians and consequently enhances the shop’s profitability.”

When customers come in for oil changes or other services, the equipment gives the shop the ability to check the tires quickly without wasting extra labour on the task, notes Peron. “We are also able to seamlessly communicate the information to the customer by displaying the results on the Flightboard instantly. The communication takes place in a non-biased, non-threatening manner,” adds Peron.

No specific training is required to handle this new technology in the shops and the level of maintenance necessary is minimal. Studies conducted by Hunter have shown that the equipment can provide readings even during the wet periods without any hiccups. “The only requirement would be that service advisors may need to take a different approach when talking to customers with the available information,” concludes Peron.  “Imagine, providing 100% of your customers, with the same diagnostic assessment of their vehicle, without having to worry about missing vehicles during busy days, or seasons. Well, that image and vision are now right in front of you”.

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