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Hoffman, a Snap-on brand, recently announced the release of its new Hoffman monty 1675 Swing Arm Tire Changer.

Engineered to help technicians handle passenger cars, light trucks and high-performance wheel and tire assemblies, the equipment sports a compact design and has a quick and easy setup.

“The ergonomic design and safety-enhancing features of the new Hofmann 1675 tire changer provides the user with a safe work space when changing a variety of tires,” says Adam Brown, Director of Product Management for Hofmann. “The 1675 is easy to set up, simple to use and offers a large range of capacity.”

Equipped with the company’s patented smartSpeed technology, the swing arm tire changer promises minimal risk of damage to tires, according to the company. With this technology, the maximum rotation speed of the wheel is automatically set. The applied to the wheel is also optimized. The 1675 additionally promises maximum productivity by offering variable speeds from seven to 18 RPMs.

Featuring a robust design, including precision-cast and machined shoes with strong cast jaws, Hoffman’s new equipment allows for precise, slop-free clamping. The monty 1675’s heavy-duty pneumatic valves not only offer intuitive functionality but also are easy to operate. The company has equipped it with a powerful electric motor which generates 1,200 Newton/meters (Nm) of torque to the table top enabling technicians to mount stiff, difficult tires.

According to the company, Hoffman’s monty 1675 now contains a newly designed bead breaker control which is simple to operate. Additionally, the technician no longer needs to straddle the assembly during bead breaking. The equipment contains an integrated pressure limiter which aids in stopping air flow as soon as the pressure has reached 55 PSI. This helps technicians avoid accidental tire over-inflation.

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