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For the fourth year of the Next Driving Lab Design, Hankook Tire unveiled the ’Transformation Tire’ in a video presented by Hyun Bum Cho, Hankook’s President and CEO. This shows Hankook’s commitment to the future of driving—a new and innovative experience through futuristic tires.

In response to different road conditions, the Transformation Tire changes its shape—thus showing Hankook’s inventive brand values and its leadership. Hankook started the project by challenging conventional imges about tire shapes—something that hasn’t changed since tires were created. After working together with Seoul National University’s department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Hankook developed a variable-type tire—one that can change on different road surfaces, with the changing climate and with operation. This feature could allow drivers to envision future driving that will allow stable, high-speed driving on any road surface with a single tire!

The upcoming campaign video of the ‘TRANSFORMING TIRE’ is available on Hankook Tire’s website or the official Hankook Tire’s YouTube channel.

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