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Robust nylon product protects valuable wheels.

Scott Ashton, Director of Canadian Operations at Alloygator North America was one of the many friendly Canadian faces TireNews saw at this year’s SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Ashton and his team were showcasing the popular AlloyGator wheel protectors, designed to protect rims from curb damage. And because AlloyGator products are available in 15 colours, they can be used to customize or personalize the look of a vehicle as well.

AlloyGator wheel protectors fit rims from 12 – 24 inches, are sold in one standard size, and are cut onsite by the installer at the shop while the tires are being placed on their rims.

“We train all our dealers how to work with the product and how to install it properly,” Ashton said, “as well as how to deal with any challenges along the way.”

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