TIA Announces ATS Training for 2017

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Automotive Tire Service (ATS) to be held in two locations in the United States.

The Tire Industry Association (TIA) has announced that the two locations for the certified Automotive Tire Service (ATS) be held in the Seattle, WA area on September 26th – 29th and Sarasota, FL on December 5th – 8th.

The ATS training program is a 4-day, in-depth, classroom and hands-on course that industry professionals must successfully complete in order to be certified as Advanced ATS Instructors. Once certified, instructors will be able to train and certify technicians in the field and other ATS Instructors.

The ATS training program includes safety guidelines and step-by-step procedures for all aspects of passenger and light truck tire service, including wheel installation with the proper torque and tire repair. It also includes a full day of instruction on Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS).

Tuition is USD $950 per person. To download a registration form, please visit tireindustry.org/training.

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