Goodyear Debuts Endurance RSA

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Goodyear Endurance RSA targets regional and urban delivery fleets.

Because the needs of regional and urban delivery fleets are evolving, so is Goodyear’s lineup of tires. Their new Endurance truck tire line includes the RSA, which offers more miles to removal–plus lower rolling resistance and more resistance to curb impact damage–than its predecessor, the Goodyear G661 HSA.

“The Endurance RSA is our best all-around tire for regional and urban delivery applications,” says Brian Buckham, General Manager, Product Marketing, Goodyear. “And it is an important part of the Goodyear Total Solution, which helps fleets lower their operating costs.”

The Endurance RSA is available in size 11R22.5, Load Ranges G and H. Goodyear will introduce more sizes throughout the year.

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