CETEMMM Merit Gala: A 38th Edition Crowned With Success

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Some 70 automotive trades graduates were recognized for their excellence.
Industry representatives, teachers and graduates came together for the evening.
The evening was a great opportunity to meet up again and chat.
Thanks to our partners, numerous prizes were awarded to the graduates.
The CETEMMM Merit Gala is a must-attend event in the automotive industry.
Photos Mathieu Valiquette

67 deserving graduates, nearly 350 participants and over $40,000 in scholarships and prizes. It’s safe to say that the annual CETEMM Merit Gala, held on June 4 at Édouard-Montpetit High Scool, was a success!

The annual event, which recognizes the excellence of students who have distinguished themselves in their motorized equipment maintenance program, was once again a resounding success.

The Comité éducation travail en Équipement Motorisé du Montréal Métropolitain (CETEMMM or Education and Work Committee in Motorized Equipment of Metropolitan Montreal), which brings together vocational training centres and several major partners in the Greater Montreal automotive services industry, is more active than ever, and growing rapidly.

For the 38th edition of the Gala, the organizers were able to count on the participation of 27 industry partners to reward the deserving in nine disciplines.

An electrifying evening

Once again this year, after a cocktail reception and nothing less than a red carpet to welcome the evening’s guests, CPCPA Senior Training Advisor Philippe Bussières acted as master of ceremonies for the gala. He gave the floor to the new president of the CETEMMM, Yves Thibert, a teacher at the École des métiers de l’équipement motorisé de Montréal, who said: “Receiving a Merit award is not luck. It’s hard work and talent. I’d like to salute this year’s four Merit graduates and tell them, as I’m in a good position to know, that it’s not size or stature that counts when it comes to excelling in our industry, but heart.”

A tribute award was also presented to Sophie Rouleau, Pedagogical Advisor at the Centre de formation professionnelle Calixa-Lavallée and former president of CETEMMM for two years. Here’s what she had to say to the deserving recipients: “You can be proud of having earned your BEP with this distinction of excellence that is the Merit award. So be proud of yourselves, and don’t let others spoil your dreams. Congratulations!”

But the highlight of the show, in addition to a beautiful video produced by the Auto-jobs team, was of course the presentation of the Merit awards to the 67 students who had distinguished themselves during their training.

They were then joined by some 350 guests for a gourmet evening at a cocktail reception, during which over $40,000 in scholarships and prizes (carts, toolboxes, etc.) were awarded to the graduates. Of particular note were four $2,000 bursaries awarded by Globocam, and four $1,000 bursaries awarded by Communauto.

Here is the list of all the Merit award recipients for this 2024 edition:

Auto mechanics

Lijia Dion ÉMEMM – CSDM
Sohaib Oubaid Ellah Belayat ÉMEMM – CSDM
Dominic Hélie ÉMEMM – CSDM
Abdelhafidh Miloudi ÉMEMM – CSDM
Sacha Chapleau ÉMEMM – CSDM
Redouane Hachemi ÉMEMM – CSDM
Léa-Geneviève Gourdeau-Haché ÉMEMM – CSDM
Vil Luthenworf ÉMEMM – CSDM
Dominick Luneau Nova NFSB
Abdelhamid Benaida ÉMEMM – CSDM
Zachary Arsenault Nova NFSB
Micheal Rourke Nova NFSB
Julien Quidoz Verdun – CSMB
Wisly Dorcilien Verdun – CSMB
Ben Jmaa Houssine Verdun – CSMB
Meftah Amin Verdun – CSMB
Alexandre Lapointe St. George WICC – LBPEATSON
Ricardo Andres Rojas Gonzalez WICC – LBPEATSON
Axl Michael Tajh Gill WICC – LBPEATSON
Mark Rodney Reyes Laurier MacDonald – EMSB
Luigi Milano Laurier MacDonald – EMSB
Micheal Caruso Laurier MacDonald – EMSB
Levin Matthew Evangelista Laurier MacDonald – EMSB
Rasile Lorenzo Compétence 2000 – cslaval
Arturo Gonzalez Dias de Curee Compétence 2000 – cslaval
Sarah-Maude Casavant Compétence 2000 – cslaval
Juliette Chartier Compétence 2000 – cslaval
Rafael Miguel Cavalho Duplessis Compétence 2000 – cslaval
Charly Dessureault Compétence 2000 – cslaval
Angel Manuel Requeno Cortez WICC – LBPEATSON
Anthony Bernier Daniel-Jonhson CSPI
Isaak Beauchamp Daniel-Jonhson CSPI
Sami Karagol Daniel-Jonhson CSPI
Bastien Beauhaire Daniel-Jonhson CSPI
Antony Beaubien Daniel-Jonhson CSPI
Calvin Touzalin Compétence 2000 – cslaval
Adnane Abderrezak Compétence 2000 – cslaval
Antony Pulcinelli Access – RSB
Frantzo Joseph Access – RSB

Heavy-duty vehicle mechanics

Thimotey Santella ÉMEMM – CSDM
Antoine Raymond ÉMEMM – CSDM
Marc-Antoine Séguin ÉMEMM – CSDM
Jude Cravans Dieuve ÉMEMM – CSDM
William O’Malley ÉMEMM – CSDM
Marc Guértin ÉMEMM – CSDM
Fanny Langlois ÉMEMM – CSDM

Construction equipment mechanics

Christophe Bougie ÉMEMM – CSDM
Jacob Daigle ÉMEMM – CSDM
Louis-Philippe Damien ÉMEMM – CSDM

Technical advisor for vehicle maintenance and repair

Halit Ali ÉMEMM – CSDM

Advice and sales of motorized equipment parts

Jean-François Gaumond ÉMEMM – CSDM

Recreational vehicle and light equipment mechanics

Laflèche Mercier ÉMEMM – CSDM

Electric vehicle mechanics

Martin Bonnieux ÉMEMM – CSDM
Andy Robidoux Nova NFSB
Nathaniel Siewnarine WICC – LBPEATSON
Edward Daniel Laurier MacDonald – EMSB
Julius Brown Archer WICC – LBPEATSON
Alex-Benoit Marzano Access – RSB
Mathieu Caya Access – RSB
Spencer Dirienzo Access – RSB

Autobody repair

Mario Gonzalez ÉMEMM – CSDM
Simran Singh Epanday Verdun – CSMB
Olivier Beaulieu Verdun – CSMB
Julien Pommier Verdun – CSMB
Valerii Mokhonko Verdun – CSMB
Marko Subotic Laurier MacDonald – EMSB

Industrial paint

Mathieu Chouinard ÉMEMM – CSDM



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Service Advisor - 4 days a week / 6 months a year
  Full time
Mercedes-Benz de Boucherville
Delivery Coordinator
  Full time
Entrepôt Récré-Auto
Assistant Sales Manager - Pre-Owned Vehicles
Entrepôt Récré-Auto
Pre-Owned Vehicles Sales Representative
  Full time
Carrefour 40-640 Toyota
Sales Consultant – Pre-Owned Vehicles

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