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3 Piece 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" Drive 120XP Full Polish Teardrop Ratchet Set. Photo GEARWRENCH

Modern cars use smaller and more compact components in the production process, presenting a new challenge for automotive technicians trying to access already hard-to-reach fasteners.

As the mechanics of cars evolve, tools need to evolve as well, and GEARWRENCH is elevating access under the hood with the reinvented 120XP Ratchets.

The next generation of the 120XP Ratchets provides unparalleled access through a precision-engineered head design that is up to 22% more compact than existing ratchets while enhancing the strength of the 120XP at the same time.

“GEARWRENCH introduced the initial 120XP ratchet more than a decade ago, and users have trusted and relied on the access advantages offered by the 3° swing arc of the 120XP ratchet design,” GEARWRENCH Product Manager Chris Coll said. “We want to continue to deliver with that same level of dependability and durability that is expected in the 120XP line, and these ratchets are the ideal combination of performance and value.”

In addition to the more compact head, the 120XP ratchets have a longer handle design for improved reach, leverage, and comfort. Two double-stacked pawls engage 60-tooth gears to give 120 positions that deliver a 3° swing arc to turn fasteners in tighter confines. With a lifetime warranty, the 120XP ratchets meet and exceed ASME & ANSI Proof Torque strength specifications.

GEARWRENCH’s 120XP Ratchets are offered in ¼”, 3/8″ and ½” drives, with extra long handle ratchets and ratchets fitted with standard and flex heads. Sets are also available for the 120XP Locking Flex Head Ratchets and the standard head ratchets with different handle lengths per drive size.

For more information, visit www.gearwrench.com.



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