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Shad’s R & R For the Kids—June 13. Photo Shad’s R & R

A big event that the entire aftermarket takes part in is coming on June 13 at Woodington Lake Golf Course in Tottenham, Ontario—SHAD’s R&R For the Kids!

And everyone is invited to come out, play a game of golf and have fun after with your friends and co-workers—even your competitors during the happy cocktail hour and sumptuous meal!

SHAD’s is heading toward a monumental year… 2025 will be the 50th Anniversary of this event started by Fred Shaddick! He would be very proud and thankful that his son, Brad Shaddick, has carried on the tradition with the amazing help of SHAD’s R&R Board of Directors and so many other volunteers.

The SHAD’s event has grown over the years and naturally, SHAD’s R&R For the Kids Board of Directors needed to grow as well. Last year four new people were added to the Board and Autosphere was curious to know why they had accepted this position, so contacted each of them to get their remarks about joining SHAD’s Board.

Here’s what Tiffany McCarthy, Grant Brothers Marketing Manager had to say: “I am extremely excited to be a part of the SHAD’s R&R Board and to join this amazing group who have dedicated their time and efforts throughout the years.

“Having attended this incredible event before, I have had the opportunity to hear guest speakers share their journeys with muscular dystrophy. Their stories were not only enlightening but also inspiring, demonstrating that with the support of fundraising groups like SHAD’s, there is hope for those affected.

“My goal with volunteering is to create a meaningful difference and explore ways to contribute to the cause. I’m looking forward to meeting individuals who share a similar perspective as I do and will work hard to continue the success of SHAD’s R&R For the Kids charity golf tournament.”

New volunteer Kristine Brown, Regional Sales Manager for Wakefield Canada recalled that “Brad Shaddick reached out at an industry event, to see if I was interested. I was honoured to be perfectly honest!

“The event was always so well run and one that industry folks looked forward to attending. I can fondly remember my Dad (Tony St. Amour) talking about this event from my childhood and I was thrilled to be able to further contribute. I love being able to add fresh ideas and keep the momentum of this highly successful charity event in motion. It’s a winner that’s for sure!”

Charlie Grant, President and CEO of Grant Brothers stated, “I wanted to join SHAD’s board due to the tournament’s remarkable legacy in the industry.

“My family has been involved since the beginning, and I am honoured to now be a part of the board. It is inspiring to witness the automotive aftermarket uniting on this day to support such a significant cause.

“The industry’s strength shines through when we collaborate and work together with the same goal in mind. When I informed my grandfather before he passed away that I had joined the SHAD’S board, I could see how proud he was of me and our company. This is the essence of what SHAD’s represents to our community.”

Mark Potts, Tenneco’s Senior Strategic Account Manager was clearly a little emotional when we posed this question to him, and for an exceptionally good reason.

“My entire professional career has been within the automotive aftermarket. In the earliest days, I learned of SHAD’s and the great tournament that was within our industry. No doubt like many starting out in their careers, I aspired to one day receive an invitation to participate.

“Fast forward about eight years and that opportunity arrived to participate in SHAD’s and what a fantastic day it was seeing how it made such a profound impact on Muscular Dystrophy Canada. Hearing the testimonies of doctors, and patients for several years only further cemented to me the reason why this tournament is vital and getting more involved as a volunteer board member was important.

“Giving back is important to me. In August 2021, our son Elliot Potts was born with a rare incurable nemaline rod myopathy, part of the Muscular Dystrophy family. Sadly, Elliot died after just seven days with us. It is our hope with continued research and funding from events like SHAD’s, one day there will be a cure for nemaline rod myopathy and other current incurables.”

So many poignant and wonderful reasons for being a part of the Board of Directors of Shad’s R&R For the Kids. Don’t say no if you’re asked… it’s important work and it’s part of our industry besides helping out with a great cause.

Don’t forget to attend Shad’s R&R for the Kids on Thursday, June 13 at Woodington Lake Golf Course, Tottenham, Ontario. See you there!


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