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Olivier Gauthier, President of TotalEnergies Marketing Canada, addressing the guests.
Entrance to the reception hall at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth.
Guests at the 100th anniversary of TotalEnergies.
A group of visitors at the plant. led by three TotalEnergies employees.
The factory lab
The plant's pumping station.
Bottling stage in the TotalEnergies lubricants production chain.
The table containing all the plant's performance indicators.
The refrigeration room containing the lubricant samples.
Storage area for barrels of finished product.
Photos Mathieu Valiquette

On March 28, TotalEnergies Marketing Canada invited the media and its partners to join them in celebrating 100 years of TotalEnergies history.

Having arrived in Quebec 17 years ago, TotalEnergies now employs close to 90 people in Canada, many of them in Montreal, at a TotalEnergies lubricants manufacturing plant in the borough of Lasalle.

The plant produces over 85% of TotalEnergies lubricants sold on the Canadian market, representing more than 600 different products and formats; a major challenge for the operations team.

TotalEnergies’ lubricant manufacturing processes in Montreal are greatly assisted by high-tech machinery. These include the use of giant tanks to mix huge quantities of raw materials, and automated mechanical arms and powerful pumps to move the product through the various stages of manufacture.

The plant also takes the recycling of the raw materials and waste very seriously. Everything that can be recycled is recycled! This effort is in line with TotalEnergies’ global goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050.

Finally, the Lasalle plant also includes a laboratory responsible for testing product quality throughout the manufacturing process, from receipt of raw materials to finished products.

The company also offers TotalEnergies LabServices, a holistic analytical tool for new and in-service lubricants. This state-of-the-art service enables customers to establish a controlled preventive maintenance process for their equipment fleet, effectively reducing the potential for unexpected and potentially costly failures. It’s a strategic service that TotalEnergies aims to optimize and further popularize over the coming years.

Celebrating 100 years in style

On March 28, TotalEnergies Marketing Canada invited its partners and the media for a tour of its Lasalle plant, culminating in a gala evening at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel in downtown Montreal.

To kick off the evening’s celebrations, Olivier Gauthier, President of TotalEnergies Marketing Canada, took to the stage to talk about the history of TotalEnergies, as well as the company’s mission in Canada.

“Canada is a leader in the energy transition, and TotalEnergies is proud to be part of it,” explained Gauthier. “The next century will be electric, and we intend to play an active role in this transition to greener energy.”

TotalEnergies’ current mission focuses on three aspects: innovating, offering products whose high quality is the basis of its reputation, and developing the full range of services that demonstrate its expertise in the field.

In 2024, TotalEnergies Marketing Canada, located in Montreal, will significantly expand its facilities to support its development and modernize its logistics. In Canada, TotalEnergies is determined to pursue its mission with dynamism and innovation in order to meet the expectations of its customers.

A global player

On March 28, TotalEnergies’ 100,000 employees in 120 countries around the world celebrated the centenary of the company’s birth. From the 1920s to the present day, the 100 years of TotalEnergies tell the story of the world and of energy.

A bold and visionary bet

On March 28, 1924, the Compagnie Française des Pétroles (the Compagnie) was created in an oil-deprived France. It was a bold and visionary move in response to the need to secure the country’s energy supply. The Compagnie entered the energy race in every corner of the globe. It was the start of a saga that saw the Compagnie grow in step with the technological and geopolitical upheavals of the century.

Unlike its competitors at the time, the Compagnie had no domestic resources. It therefore turned to international markets and technology to make the difference. These two characteristics have subsequently shaped its pioneering spirit to this day.

Over the years, TotalEnergies has constantly pushed back its geographical and technical frontiers, adapting to changing demand and customer expectations. In this way, TotalEnergies has accompanied the fabulous development and progress of modern societies in the 20th century. The Compagnie has also enriched itself with new histories and know-how, joining forces with teams from Petrofina, Elf-Aquitaine and, more recently, Maersk Oil, Saft and Direct Energie.

Becoming a multi-energy company

While oil was the great energy of the last century, gas and decarbonized electricity are at the heart of tomorrow’s energy system. Gas is the transitional energy needed to support the rise of intermittent renewable energies and replace coal, which emits twice as much CO2 in electricity production. TotalEnergies is currently number 3 worldwide in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), and in electricity is already one of the world’s most active solar and wind power developers. Because, yes, electricity is the energy at the heart of decarbonization, and the 21st century will be electric.

The energy transition

Since 2020, TotalEnergies has been resolutely committed to a transition strategy based on two pillars: hydrocarbons, including gas, and electricity. “We have the ambition to successfully achieve our transition and support our customers with theirs. Our challenge is to supply the world with the affordable energy required for its development while also reducing emissions. That is the “just, orderly and equitable” transition called for by COP28. Drawing on the pioneer spirit that guides us, we will continue to adjust and adapt as needed to be part of the story of energy for another 100 years,” concludes TotalEnergies in a press release marking this anniversary.



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