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Steve Noonan in front of his Sainte-Marie workshop. Photo Bumper to Bumper

Located in Sainte-Marie, just south of Quebec City, Steve Noonan’s Bumper to Bumper workshop stands out among the region’s automotive employers.

Steve Noonan is proud of his team and the quality of his customer relationships. Photo Bumper to Bumper

In April 1997, Steve Noonan opened his first auto repair shop. In the early days, the operation was very small, but soon Noonan’s customer base began to multiply, and in September 1997 he moved to the location he still occupies today.

“The timing was right at the time, as Steve was looking for a better place to set up and grow his business,” says Caroline, Noonan’s workshop accountant for the past two years. “So, as soon as he saw that a garage was for sale in the area, he jumped at the opportunity and, as you’d expect, he did very well!”

Steve Noonan’s Bumper to Bumper workshop is a family affair. As a matter of fact, it was Noonan’s mother who looked after the company’s finances until her retirement in 2021. Even so, her love of her business and her profession means that she still lends a hand to her son during tire season and other busy times of the year.

Over the years, Steve Noonan has made a number of changes to the services he offers. For example, at one time his shop offered rustproofing and air-conditioning repair services. However, Noonan chose to drop these types of repairs, so that he could specialize more in all other areas of vehicle repair.

Today, Steve Noonan’s Bumper to Bumper workshop has 4.8 out of 5 stars on Google Reviews. His recipe is a real example to follow in the Chaudière-Appalaches region.

Bright premises where customers’ expectations are taken into account from the moment they arrive. Photo Bumper to Bumper Ste-Marie

The right recipe for success

Steve Noonan’s success is no fluke. What sets him apart from other auto service shops is his excellent customer service.

“I think I’m a very approachable boss,” explains Noonan. “I’m the one who does the customer service at the front desk of my shop, and that allows me to make sure my customers are satisfied.”

Trained as a technical advisor, Noonan tries to make himself as available as possible to meet the needs of his customers and employees. In fact, the telephone number associated with his workshop does not include voicemail, to provide the most direct service possible.

“What’s important to me,” explains Noonan, “is listening to people’s little ‘boo-boos’. We try to make our service as human as possible.”

What’s more, in order to offer an ever more comprehensive service, Noonan’s workshop has six courtesy vehicles that customers can use while their vehicle is being repaired.

The company’s clientele is also quite varied, serving both commercial fleets and private individuals. The shop does not currently offer electric vehicle repair services, but plans to do so over the next few years.

“One of our mechanics has started training in electric vehicle maintenance. For now, we can do basic maintenance on electric vehicles, and we plan to acquire all the necessary equipment as the industry evolves.”

The workshop does general mechanics and will soon be able to service electric vehicles. Photo Bumper to Bumper Ste-Marie

Looking after your team the right way

Steve Noonan places great emphasis on the quality of working conditions in his workshop. He takes care to organize numerous team activities every week.

“Every Friday, we have a family BBQ,” says Noonan. “We also try to do group outings and attend events such as car shows or Quebec Remparts field hockey games.”

He also strives to offer his technicians as many opportunities as possible to take part in ongoing training, despite the difficulties encountered in this sector since the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Before COVID-19, I used to send a technician for training every two or three months to enable them to update their knowledge of new technologies. However, during the pandemic, everything came to a standstill, but fortunately, the continuous training sector is starting to come back to life.”

Noonan also tries to be as flexible as possible for his team, and doesn’t hesitate to accommodate them if they need it. As a result, his team members feel freer to request time off or changes to their schedules, which contributes greatly to his shop’s excellent employee retention.

“Automotive service technicians are very difficult to recruit, because they’re all already employed. In fact, this summer I hired a technician from France, because I couldn’t find any here in Quebec.”

For Steve Noonan, there’s no doubt about it: if you want to succeed in the automotive maintenance sector, you have to go the extra mile to satisfy both your employees and your customers. In short, Steve Noonan’s Bumper to Bumper workshop is a shining example to follow for workshops throughout the National Capital Region.

Steve Noonan with Éric Leblond, Director of Bumper to Bumper. Photo Bumper to Bumper Ste-Marie



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